Ducati “Predator” Café Racer by Moto-Technology

“Great for winding mountain roads, but also for the urban jungle…”

Introduced back in 1993, the Ducati Monster was the work of industrial designer Miguel Angel Galluzzi, who’s also known for designing such bikes as the Aprilia RSV4, Tuono, and Moto Guzzi V7 Racer.  Since its introduction, the Monster has become something of a modern icon, accounting for over half of the company’s global sales and becoming a common sight on city streets and winding back roads.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

As with the brand’s superbikes, the Monster utilizes a 90° “L-twin” engine with desmodromic valves and a tubular steel trellis frame — which the bike’s naked nature puts on glorious display. That said, the very prevalence of the Monster has dulled its visual sharpness, and the older models have begun to look dated, even tired.

Enter Łukasz Brewus, the head wrench of Poland’s Moto-Technology, who’s created a Monster like we’ve never seen:  the “Predator.” Łukasz and crew pride themselves on creating truly unique builds:

“We try to make each project a combination of a practical motorcycle with a stunning visual effect…We like difficult challenges, and the only limit is our client’s imagination.”

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

This was the first Ducati to leave their stable, and they wanted to show off their capabilities. The tank is their own creation, hand-shaped from sheetmetal, as are many of the other body pieces, such as the small fairing and tail piece:

“An important assumption of the design was to relate the shape of the body elements to the oblique forms of the frame, so that the whole creates a stylistically coherent structure.”

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

The swingarm is Moto-Technology’s own design as well, and the engine was dismantled, reviewed, and rebuilt, complete with matte-black paint and twin Mikuni carbs. The exhaust is another signature element of the build, with one straight collector and the other “winding like a snake.” The sound was just as important as the aesthetics and performance:

“A dignified bass sound is emitted from the chimneys, not leaving indifferent pedestrians we pass on the streets.”

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

Below, we get the full story on this incredible Ducati Monster 600 cafe racer, along with more stunning shots from Krzysztof Mydlarz (@mk_create_) and Łukasz Brewus: ( @_brevus).

Ducati Monster 600 Cafe Racer: Builder Interview

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

Motorcycles have always been our passion because they let us feel freedom and joy. However, we wanted something more than a serial machine, so we began to modify it. After some time, we realized that it would be our way of life.

We have opened a motorcycle workshop in which we create unique two-wheelers. Our experience, innovative solutions and attention to detail make every motorcycle that we modify unique. We try to make each project a combination of a practical motorcycle with a stunning visual effect. We make body parts, exhaust system and other parts from sheet metal. We like difficult challenges, and the only limit is our client’s imagination.

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

Ducati Monster 600, 2001.

• Why was this bike built?

The motorcycle was built to show our capabilities and versatility in creating designs. This is the first Ducati to leave our stable, but we are sure it will not last. It is the only such motorcycle in the world with a characteristic body line. The tank and other parts of the body were created by us from sheet metal, no fiber or other shoddy elements were used.

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

From the beginning, we focused on minimalist and modern design that perfectly fits the frame characteristics of Ducati motorcycles. The assumption was that all serial body parts, lighting, etc., are to be gotten rid of, and are replaced by subtle additions that will not extend to the fore. At the same time, we wanted to emphasize the sporting soul that this brand’s motorcycles contain.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

The specimen modified by us is a simple one — and devoid of everything that is unnecessary — with a characteristic truss-shaped frame in which the “V” engine is mounted. In combination with the upside-down front suspension and sports exhausts, the motorcycle gained an aggressive look and definitely more powerful sound. An important assumption of the design was to relate the shape of the body elements to the oblique forms of the frame, so that the whole creates a stylistically coherent structure.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

• What custom work was done to the bike?

The base is a well-preserved specimen from 2001. We started work by slimming the whole, making a low fuel tank, which slenderly combines with a seat trimmed with black leather and an alcantara crowned with a caro pattern. The rear swingarm has been replaced by the design that we have made, giving a more wedge-like appearance with the new central YSS shock absorber. The engine after complete dismantling and review received a new paint coating in a black semi-matte. The drive unit is powered by two Mikuni carburetors, on which are mounted K&N conical filters.

We have replaced the original exhaust system with a new one made from scratch out of stainless steel. Collectors — one straight and the other winding like a snake — connect with through ends, which at the ends together with the rear section form a coherent whole. After a sudden addition of gas, causing the driver to increase the engine speed, a dignified bass sound is emitted from the chimneys, not leaving indifferent pedestrians we pass on the streets.

The original aluminum wheels have been replaced with spokes braided on new rims and appropriately selected hubs. Pirelli GT tires were installed to emphasize the sporty character and provide excellent traction. The front brake disc with a diameter of 320 mm from the Spanish company NG together with the Brembo caliper is effective in every situation.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

Clip-on bars with new switches, refurbished hydraulic pumps, titanium-colored sports levers and black shifters with turn signals are mounted on the original refreshed legs. The Koso meter placed behind the small fairing connected to the headlight mounted like a front minimalist fender on 8mm stainless steel handles controls the driving parameters. The driver controls the gears and rear brake using the footrests Paolo Tarozzi fixed firmly to the frame with brushed stainless steel mounts.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

The fuel tank have been painted in a white pearl color, which shines a light blue shade in sunlight. Together with black spaces, they give the whole a modern and very original look

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

• Does the bike have a nickname?

Ducati “Predator” by Moto-Technology.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

The motorcycle is extremely dynamic and agile. Slimming it affected not only the appearance, but also the driving characteristics. It is great for winding mountain roads, but also for the urban jungle during peak hours. You can take it with you on vacation and commute to work everyday. It gives a lot of fun to ride, and the sound coming from the mufflers causes a wide smile on the face.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

We are certainly proud of the unique body made from scratch from sheet metal and the rear swingarm, which is also our work. This gives this motorcycle a unique character and makes it memorable for a long time.

Ducati Monster Cafe Racer

Follow the Builder

Web: www.moto-technology.pl/
FB: @moto.technology.brewus
IG: @moto.technology

Krzysztof Mydlarz:  @mk_create_
Łukasz Brewus:  @_brevus


  1. Thomas Krise

    Built for show, not for riding.

  2. Spectacularly empty look due to no oil cooler. Then I found that the stock bike doesn’t come with one, either (I guess the 600 is o.k. being solely air cooled). Wow. As far as I can tell it’s a unique bike to own, and even further, to customize. Nice work.

  3. Nice bike, an elegant take on an old Monster. I do have one request: please can the Bike-bound editorial team please do a better job of translating. It looks like this one was just done using google translate but with no subsequent refinement. The reference to “door handles” is June example.

    • bikebound

      We try to edit the builder’s English as little as possible, to get across their accent / way of speaking. But this is great feedback and we’ll take the refinement up a notch.

      • And please tell your builders to stop submitting pics with dark backgrounds, it’s even worse than recording video with your phone vertical. This should be basic 101 for anyone taking pics of bikes, unless the focus is on the bike’s own accent lighting or color pop in the dark.

  4. George Wallace

    Speechless. I want one with flat tracker bars.

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