Sunrise Bonneville: Triumph T100 Roadster

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

The sun rises on FCR Original’s Triumph T100… 

In 2012, engineers Mathieu Ménard and Sébastien Guillemot founded French workshop FCR Original, quickly demonstrating their skills with victories in the French Dragster National Championships. In 2017, we featured their 2006 Triumph Bonneville drag bike “Crazy Bonnie,” and the workshop has not slowed down a bit, growing into a team of nine multi-talented artisans who do nearly everything in-house: design, mechanics, fabrication, bodywork, paint, composites, and more.

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

Recently, we featured their bestial BMW R NineT Scrambler, and now the FCR crew is back with this 2016 Triumph Bonneville T100, nicknamed “Sunrising.” It’s an unabashedly California-inspired build, harking back to the glory days of motorcycling in the Golden State, from the vast blue glow of the Pacific to the dusty desert trails of Baja.

“The most Californian of British bikes: in the purest Californian spirit, it transports you across the Atlantic on a gasoline bridge.”
Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler
The Lagoon Blue tank and desert-tan upholstery reflect just those images of sea, sun, and desert sand, and the bike is rocking a nickel-plated frame, custom exhaust, CNC-cut brass accessories, Ceriani wheels, and much more.
Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler
British bikes have a long and storied history in the Golden State, dating right back to the On Any Sunday era of desert racing and dirt track, and this Triumph seems to capture much of that history in a single glance. Below, we get the full details on the build and more gorgeous shots from photographer Mitch Canon.

Triumph T100 Bonneville: Builder Interview

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

– Please tell us a little about yourself, your history with motorbikes and your workshop.

Between instinct and efficiency, the motorbikes made by the FCR Original workshop are aesthetic, unique and above all functional.

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

FCR Original is a design workshop which for nine years has been dedicated to the preparation of motorbikes with a sum of skills mastered by a team of nine passionate and multi-talented people led by its founder Sebastien Guillemot. Beyond its creative capacities, FCR Original integrates all the skills essential to the successful completion of each project:

Design office : project conception, 3D accessories
Design office: CAD for the creation of parts…
Mechanics: restoration of old engines and preparation for competition
Metallurgy: boiler making, TIG/MIG welding (titanium, stainless steel, aluminium)
Bodywork: tin and plastic repairs
Painting: paint booth, colorimetry laboratory.
Composite: design and production of parts, Kevlar, carbon and fibreglass

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

Very quickly, FCR Original has become recognized as one of the very best motorbike preparation workshops for its creativity and the finish given to each of its creations. This approach has ensured the development and above all the confidence of each customer whatever their style.

– What is the make, model and year of the donor’s bike?

We worked on a 2016 Triumph Bonneville T100.

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

– Why was this bike built?

We built this bike for a client who wanted a more fun version of the Triumph Bonneville, a Californian look for riding.

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

– What custom work was done on the bike?
  • Specific colour: Lagoon Blue.
  • FCR Original lettering.
  • Modified frame with rear loop, polished and nickel plated.
  • Aluminum battery box and wiring harness.
  • Bates FCR Original turn signals and headlight.
  • FCR Original custom-made exhaust system.
  • Brass footrests, CNC-cut.
  • Custom-made nubuck leather upholstery.
  • Polished chrome fork and engine cases.
  • FCR Original Black series suspension.
  • Firestone tyres.
  • Ceriani wheels.
  • Wide Us handlebars.
  • Complete Custom Tech brake – clutch – throttle assembly.
  • Motogadget Speedometer.
  • Original FCR intake horns
  • Aluminum fender
  • Removable rear footrest
  • Yellow front light

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

– Does the bike have a nickname?



– Is there anything you did during the build that you are particularly proud of?

The whole bike, it looks very cool!

Triumph T100 Bonneville Scrambler

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Photo credits: Mitch Canon


  1. Two things: when you say the bike is “rocking” a nickel plated frame etc what does that mean? The verb “rock” seems to have no relevance in this context. Secondly; when exactly was the “golden age” of motorcycling? What was the era or timescale? I’d be interested to know this.

    • Two things:

      1. Rock: “to wear, display, or feature (something striking, distinctive, or attractive).” Via Merriam Webster.
      2. The term “golden age” of motorcycling is not used anywhere in this article, so your question seems to have no relevance in this context.

    • An era is an embedded colloquialism, borrowed from a geological term that defines a span of time measured in hundreds of millions of years, but less than eons. So maybe go for timescale if the question still haunts you? Or kick back and watch Easy Rider, The Great Escape and The Wild ones in any order and just let it slide.

  2. Hi,
    Amazing bike and great article thanks for posting it!
    I am working on a customized Bonneville as we speak. I was wondering if you could help me to find out what wheel and tire combo this builder used? It looks absolutely amazing and really harkens to the vintage 1960s models. Thanks for your time have a great day!
    Johnny from Canada.

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