Build in Progress: Yamaha RD350 Springer

RD350 Springer

“When there is a love for two-strokes, speed, and handcrafted work, there is only one right thing to do…”

These are the words of one of our favorite builders, Wilco Lindner of the Netherlands (@builtbywilcolindner), whose work has graced our pages in the form of his Yamaha RD125 street tracker and dyno-tuned two-stroke mini tracker — two of the most popular two-stroke builds we’ve ever featured.

Now Wilco is hard at work on a Yamaha RD350, and it will be truly one-of-a-kind. Some builders would be content to sit on their laurels and continue to turn out variations on a theme, never pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to grow and elevate their skillset… Wilco is not one of those builders.

We’ve been communicating back and forth for weeks as he built out his workspace with new equipment and got to work fabricating his first set of built-from-scratch forks — a springer unit that’s nothing short of stunning, running a double shock and external damper.

“I had to learn everything along the way and didn’t know much about forks or about how to produce all these pieces.”

We don’t normally feature builds-in-process — usually, it’s only the finished machines. So we thought you’d enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of what promises to be one incredible RD, straight out of Wilco’s workshop.

We’ll keep the updates coming on this two-stroker as they roll in, and we encourage you to follow Wilco for direct updates as well. Next up: the frame!

More Detail Shots

Testing the Fork

Follow the Builder: @builtbywilcolindner



  1. Part HD, part Greeves, part Yamaha……only one good part.

  2. jeff fearnow

    I shudder at the Springer concept generally….but the work put into that unit makes it gorgeous.

    Still nothing I’d put on an RD, but it ain’t my bike.

  3. Michael Streuly

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Springer front ends are just stupid.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to se the finished results.

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