Street-Legal Racer: 1977 Honda CB400F

Honda CB400F Race Bike

For Sale: 1977 Honda CB400F RC166 Race Replica!

In 1966, the Honda RC166 swept the 250cc Gran Prix World Championship, taking victory in 10 out of 10 races with the legendary Mike Hailwood crouched behind the bubble screen. The bike’s diminutive six-cylinder engine was nothing short of a miniature mechanical miracle, capable of revving to a banshee shriek of 20,000 RPM, propelling the 247-pound machine well past the GP two-strokes:

“In only 250cc Honda managed to squeeze in six tiny cylinders, four cams, and 24 valves the size of pencil erasers. Fed by six diminutive carburetors, it revved to nearly 20,000 RPM and made 65 HP—extrapolated over two liters, that makes for a 48 cylinder, 192 valve, 32 cam, 520 HP motor. In conjunction with a seven speed gearbox, it propelled the RC166’s tiny frame to a top speed of well over 150 MPH.” —Petrolicious

Honda CB400F Race Bike

When you consider that this intricate, amazingly complex engine was built in an age before computer-aided design and drafting, it’s all the more astounding.

Honda CB400F Race Bike

In 1978, Honda would release their first six-cylinder production bike, the CBX1000, which drew inspiration from the RC166 but with four times the displacement and more than twice the weight. However, they had also been showing off their engineering prowess in the form of small displacement, highly sophisticated four-cylinder machines like the CB400F — a street bike that was very much in the character of the RC racers:

“The 400 simply looked perfect, with just the right, understated amount of chrome, monochrome paint in blue or red, no stripes, foofraws or furbelows. That tapering, breadloaf-shape tank, the flat bar and slightly rearset pegs gave the requisite sporty riding position — and there sat that tiny four-cylinder engine, a totem for acolytes of Honda’s Grand Prix excesses in the ’60s.” —Motorcyclist

Honda CB400F Race Bike

Recently our friend Vincent Conti brought us this incredible ’77 CB400F — a street legal, track ready, custom-built homage to the RC166 racer, for sale from a close friend of his. Below, we get the full details on the build and contact info of the seller.

Honda CB400F RC166 Race Replica

Honda CB400F Race Bike

Born as a 1977 CB400F, this example has been customized to replicate and pay homage to Honda’s legendary RC166 race bike, which won 18 Gran Prix’s in 1966.

Honda CB400F Race Bike

The four-cylinder CB400 was completed in 2005 by The Shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More than a mere stylization, this machine was modified to comply with AHRMA specifications with the full intention of being raced at Mid-Ohio. It was, in fact, taken onto the track by the previous owner exactly once before he decided that he preferred building bikes to racing them.

Honda CB400F Race Bike

Since, the bike has been tagged and registered for public road riding. It has been well-maintained and stored indoors, seeing regular use.

Honda CB400F Race Bike

During the build, the stock 400cc overhead-cam motor was rebuilt with a one over bore, the cylinder heads were ported, and the clutch was replaced. Progressive suspension units were installed both front and rear. The wheels have aluminum Excel rims, equipped with new tires. The “deep sump” aluminum tank was fabricated by The Tank Shop in Scotland.

The exhaust is a MotoGP Werks 4-into-1 system, highly sought after by CB400F owners. There is no key for the ignition; it is a simple three-position toggle switch.

Overall, the motorcycle is in great operational condition for its age, starting easily and running smoothly. It does show signs of use and natural patina, which suits its appearance well. There is one crack in the fairing which has been mended (see images). The crack was made during removal of the fairing; the bike has never been dropped.

All of the race-spec components, such as the safety wire, has been left intact. This means that the CB400F can be reliably enjoyed on the roads, as I have used it, or confidently taken to official race events. It has a clean Florida title in my name.

VIN: CB400F2100225
Odometer: 13,630 miles
List Price: $5800.00

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