Fangster Tracker: Harley Sportster 1200

Harley Sportster Street Tracker

A Harley Nightster grows fangs…

As the name suggests, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has long remained the lightest, most performance-oriented machine in the Motor Co.’s lineup, a V-twin iron horse that’s served as everything from boulevard cruiser to desert racer to flat tracker.  Introduced in 2007, the XL1200N Nightster was a short-lived special model aimed at a new generation of buyers:

“Low to the ground, lean and black in all the right places, the Nightster is an aging beauty who’s been under the knife…it’s a reaction against the chromed-up, blinged-out extremism of recent years and an embrace of the Spartan lines of long ago.” —L.A. Times

Harley Sportster Street Tracker

Recently we heard from the good folks of Fangster, Taiwan’s largest parts distributor for Harley-Davidson machines, servicing more than 40 motorcycle shops. Their founder, Jimmy, is a long-time motorcycle enthusiast who started the company in 2017, bringing with him decades of industry experience.

Harley Sportster Street Tracker

Not long ago, Jimmy and the Fangster team decided to take a 2009 Sportster Nightster and give it fangs. The Fangster Tracker would serve to showcase the company’s parts and fulfill Jimmy’s vision of a Harley street tracker:

“Both for company promotion and as a personal dream. We expect to create and make more Fangster branded / designed products for bikers all over the world.”

Harley Sportster Street Tracker

The Fangster Tracker is clad in a veritable arsenal of the company’s parts, outlined below, and also boasts a trick Rebuffini front-end, Kodlin Racing swingarm, chain drive conversion, 18F/17R wheels with high-performance Pirelli rubber, and more.

Harley Sportster Street Tracker

Says Jimmy of the riding experience:

“Launching my bike around the ground at alarming speeds, throwing my body weight around, sliding the rear wheel out as I drag my foot to stabilize the slide around corners — feels great.”

XL1200 Street Tracker

Below, we get more details on this sharp-fanged Sportster!

XL1200 Fangster Tracker: Builder Interview

XL1200 Street Tracker

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

In 2017, our founder, Jimmy, started Fangster Auto Parts with years of manufacturing and experience in marketing. As of today, Fangster is the biggest parts distributor for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Taiwan. We believe that we are also the number one dealer of Drag Specialties in Taiwan. Fangster services multiple parts for more than 40 motorcycle shops.

XL1200 Street Tracker

Jimmy is a bike enthusiast since “forever”. His passion for bikes started some 20-30 years ago when our company began producing OEM parts for the domestic and international market. As a person that grew up in the industry, in this kind of environment, it sparked his interest to start his own line of parts with a vision for innovation as a primary source of his motivation.

XL1200 Street Tracker

Fangster was established about 2-3 years ago and just like riding a bike, it’s been a tough, rough, but exhilarating journey. The goal is to provide a unique style, attitude, and a sense of feeling that your bike represents who you are without compromising quality, value, and aesthetics.

XL1200 Street Tracker

• What’s the make, model, and year of the donor bike?

The bike is 2009 Sportster 1200N.

XL1200 Street Tracker

• Why was this bike built?

Both for company promotion and as a personal dream. We expect to create and make more Fangster branded / designed products for bikers all over the world.

XL1200 Street Tracker

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

While conceptualizing and learning how he could start his own brand, Jimmy met a lot of friends who are as passionate as he is, and one of those people was Winston of Rough Crafts. His work serves as one of the main inspirations of the build, together with the people who surrounded, supported, and motivated Jimmy to pursue this passion.

XL1200 Street Tracker

• What custom work was done to the bike?

From the build sheet, you can see we made many Fangster-designed parts, including the gas cap, derby cover, points cover, footpegs, air cleaners, sprocket cover, headlight cover, etc., and of course the paint job. Other highlights:

  • Rebuffini front-end with adjustable inverted forks
  • Kodlin Racing swingarm
  • 14” Progressive 970 series piggyback shocks.
  • 18F/17R laced wheels with Pirelli MT 60 RS tires.
  • Rebuffini brake caliper with Galfer discs
  • Chain Drive
  • Fighter handlebars with a Domino throttle, Magura controls
  • Rear RSD foot controls.
  • Vance and Hines exhaust

Full build sheet below!

• Does the bike have a nickname?

Fangster Tracker!

XL1200 Street Tracker

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

Quick throttle speed response, excellent riding position as tracker, sharp and stable braking performance — all these make the bike from a stock XL into a flat tracker. Says Jimmy: “Launching my bike around the ground at alarming speeds, throwing my bodyweight around, sliding the rear wheel out as I drag my foot to stabilize the slide around corners — feels great.”

XL1200 Street Tracker

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

Everything was achieved through blood, sweat, and tears. However, that didn’t bother us since we are passionate about our craft. And seeing old-timers and newcomers enjoying, installing, and using our products always keeps us motivated to build and innovate more. As for our future custom build bikes, after seeing it fully assembled at the end of the day, it
always makes our hearts skip a beat.

XL1200 Street Tracker

Build Sheet

  • Progressive 970 Series Piggyback Shocks – Gloss Black/Matte Black – 14.00″
  • Speed Merchant Skid Plate – Aluminum – Sportster
  • Saddlemen Ronan Ls Tail Section With Seat
  • Saddlemen Ronan Tank Cover
  • Saddlemen Ronan – Oil Tank/Battery Cover
  • Fangster 1″ Longer, Kickstand, Black
  • Kodlin Racing Swingarm
  • Rebuffini Nexo 5.0 Inverted Frontend
  • Rebuffini Rear Radial Caliper Mount
  • Rebuffini RR108 Radial Brake Caliper
  • Galfer Cubiq™ Front Rotor
  • Galfer Cubiq™ Rear Rotor
  • Fangster Custom Build 18 X 3.0 Front Wheel
  • Fangster Custom Build 17 X 4.5 Rear Wheel
  • Vance Hines 2:1 Stainless Steel Exhaust for XL
  • Thrashin 1.1″ Handlebar – Low Bend – Black
  • Domino Quickness Throttle
  • Magura HC3 Handlebar Control Kits
  • Fangster Bar End Mirror
  • Fangster 1″ Short Riser
  • Motone Motone 3 Button Billet Black Handlebar Switch Gear
  • Fangster Handmade Tracker Headlight plate
  • Fangster Block Turn Signal Light Black With Amber Lens, Front
  • Fangster Block Turn Signal Light Chrome With Amber Lens, Rear
  • Roland Sands Design SMB Sportster Rearsets – Black Ops
  • Fangster XL Offset Mainshaft Sprockets 1.06 Offset 23T.
  • Fangster 530 Chain Rear Sprockets 48T, Black, 0.23 Offset
  • EK Chain EK 530 Chain black
  • Fangster Sportster Sprocket Cover – Fangster Black
  • Fangster Sportster Cutoff Cam Cover – Fangster Black
  • Fangster Sportster OE Primary Cover – Fangster Black
  • Fangster Sportster Billet Tappet Cover – Fangster Black
  • Fangster Sportster OE Rocker Box – Fangster Black
  • Fangster Sportster Pushrod Cover – Fangster Black
  • Fangster Handmade Coil Bracket
  • Fangster Sportster Front Engine Mount – Black
  • Fangster XL Frame Bracket With Engine Stabilizer – Black
  • Fangster Fangster Custom Made Gas Cap
  • Fangster Fangster Custom Made Derby Cover
  • Fangster Fangster Custom Made Point Cover
  • Fangster Fangster Custom Made Air Cleaner Kit
  • Fangster Fangster Custom Made Foot Peg

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Instagram: @fangsterparts
Facebook: @Fangsterparts



  1. “Nicely Done” !!

  2. You going to put some 19 inch tires on it and some flat tracker bars on it and some longer shocks too. If I could I would send you pictures of my new build because it’s done right.

  3. what is the price range.will dealer stock this bike

  4. Wow, Looks absolutely stunning. Also great colour combination.

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