Moonshine: Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

Suzuki TS Scrambler

Two-Stroke Scrambler from House of Customland x Minority Custom… 

The Suzuki TS100 was a lightweight street-legal two-stroke enduro produced from 1973 to 1981. The little smoker made 11 horsepower, good for a top speed of 68 mph, and was a favorite first bike of many young riders of the era. Says one former owner:

“I remember the day I picked it up from the dealer. I had never ridden a motorcycle before and this was in the days before compulsory basic training so rather than ride it I wheeled it home. I must have been mad, it was a good couple of miles UPHILL! However I was so excited about owning my own bike that I don’t think I noticed.”

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

Last week we heard from House of Customland, who are up to something really cool:

“House of Customland is the first kustom kulture mini-museum in Indonesia, located in Surabaya City. Our vision is to become a forum for building and preserving the world of custom culture in Surabaya in particular, East Java and Indonesia in general.”

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

They have been hosting their own custom show since 2013, have displayed a wide range of kustom kulture art and moto/car/bicycle builds, and they aim to be a venue for those artists and builders to gather and discuss their various projects and pursuits.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

Recently, they enlisted the help of well-known Indonesian builder Minority Custom Motorcycle to create a bike to help promote the museum and educate folks about the craft. The donor is a ’78 Suzuki TS100N, decked out with a custom subframe, saddle, fenders, exhaust, handmade handlebar, and more.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

The bike is nicknamed “Padang Bulan” (Moon Shine), with the dark colors and vibrant details echoing the night sky, as well as the cool and calm that night brings to the busy hustle of the city. Minority Custom Motorcycle handled the paint, while @ido.ins took care of the hand-painted details.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

Indonesia has one of the world’s hottest custom scenes, and we look forward to visit House of Customland when we finally make the trip to the island nation.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler: Builder Interview

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and House of Customland?

House of Customland is the first kustom kulture mini-museum in Indonesia, located in Surabaya City. Our vision is to become a forum for building and preserving the world of custom culture in Surabaya in particular, East Java and Indonesia in general.
We have displayed custom motorcycles and many other items that represent custom culture. We have held a custom show called “CUSTOMLAND” since 2013, a thematic custom culture show here in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

We have become a place for connoisseurs of custom culture, attracting builders inside and outside the city to present their best work. We provide a venue for cultural custom artists to represent their work and serve as a place for the motorcycle, car, and lowrider bicycle community to gather and hold discussions in our small museum.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

It is a 1978 Suzuki TS 100 N model. An enduro/ off road bike.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

• Why was this bike built?

This bike was built for our company as a display property for our mini-museum and a pilot project for educating people about kustom kulture. It is an example of our custom industry surviving and continuing to work in difficult times.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

• What custom work was done to the bike?

We chopped the back frame to get a straighter lines, we used a custom front and rear steel fender, and we customized the seat with cowhide leather. Stainless steel exhaust with FMF silencer, customized scrambler handlebar — handmade.

We are using Shinko trial tires for front and rear. Paint job by Minority Custom Motorcycle and hand-painted lettering by @ido.ins on gas tank.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride the finished bike?

Riding a scrambler is a lot of fun, both on asphalt and gravel roads. Very reliable, capable of exploring the city and off-road terrain. Assisted by a handlebar that is wide enough to add comfort and handling while riding, as you can see at our video:


• Is there anyone you’d like to thank for help with the build?

We would like to thank you Minority Custom Motorcycle for the build and @ido.ins for the nice hand lettering job on our motorcycle. And also the BikeBound team for the opportunity to feature our bikes.

“Padang Bulan” (Moon Shine): In the Builder’s Words…

The essence of night is not just a change of time at sunset, but has its own meaning when God created the night by showing the beauty of the stars and the moon when side by side, reflecting through a clear sky so that it shines to the surface of the Earth.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

This atmosphere is reflected in the concept of a custom trail bike based on the Suzuki TS 100N by @minority_custom. The color of the motorbike is all black, dark, as if full of mystery, but still emits the rays of beauty from the silver-colored paint scratches on each side of the motorbike, as well as the sparkle from various parts.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

“Padang Bulan” (the name of the motorbike) was born in the midst of a pandemic that is still gripping the Earth. The limitations of space and time are part of the new shackles of world society.

Suzuki TS100 Scrambler

The sun in our city (Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia) is very hot, we hope the night will come cold soon. The silence of the night is a medicine for calm, a rest for the mind and body.

Prayers and gratitude to God were offered when the night came, and the motorbike with its new form was born. It’s beautiful and quite able to cure our tiredness and worries when everything is difficult in life and living.

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Office Location:
Jl. Griya Kebraon Selatan V Blok E-12c
Surabaya City 60222, East Java, Indonesia

Email: [email protected]
Mobile/WA: +62 81259673646

Instagram: @houseofcustomland | @customland_id


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