Slash 2 Tribute: BMW R nineT Heritage

BMW R nineT Custom

Tribute to an Icon… 

In the early 60s, BMW introduced the /2 (“Slash 2”) series, available as the 500cc R50/2, 600cc R50/2, or the high-compression R69. These bikes were the pinnacle of design, engineering, and build quality at the time. The heart of the series was the flat-twin boxer engine, which could now boast strengthened crankshafts, camshafts, and clutch assemblies.

“In remarkable contrast to the vast majority of machines on the market, its well-balanced and well-cooled flat twin seemed to be virtually oil tight under all conditions. This was a time when most machines marked their spot, wherever parked.” —Motorcycle Classics

Period testers were quite impressed with the /2 series, noting the ease of maintenance, high-speed stability, and superb road-holding characteristics:

“Road behaviour of the R50 is extremely gentlemanly. Indeed, it is difficult to visualize a machine of conventional conception being more smooth, quiet, comfortable and clean to ride.” —The Motor Cycle, 1955

BMW R nineT Custom

Fast forward to today, and the BMW R NineT is the closest modern cousin to the BMW airheads of old. The 1170cc air/oil-cooled boxer twin puts down a stout 110 bhp, making the bike quite capable of the best kind of ungentlemanly behavior, and the BMW Motorrad designed the entire bike as a “blank canvas for customizing” — one of the contemporary bikes that lend themselves to customization.

BMW R nineT Custom

Recently, our friends at FCR Original of France decided to build a tribute to the iconic R50/2, using a modern R NineT as the donor. The result is the Nine T Heritage, outfitted with a full suite of FCR Original parts, accessories, and custom fabrication.

“The BMW Nine T Heritage is the ideal bike for those who want to combine the charm of the old with the efficiency of a modern machine.”

BMW R nineT Custom

Below, we get the full details on this vintage-style R NineT roadster.

BMW R Nine T Heritage: In the Builder’s Words…

BMW R nineT Custom

With its black dress, underlined by its white border, it looks like it came straight out of the 60s. The latest creation from the FCR Original workshop plunges us into the heart of the great BMW era and the legendary R50/2, a resolutely vintage-style build of an BMW Nine T Pure, an icon itself of customization.

BMW R nineT Custom

The BMW Nine T Heritage is the ideal bike for those who want to combine the charm of the old with the efficiency of a modern machine.

BMW R nineT Custom

It has a full suite of black elements made by FCR Original: handlebars, rear footrests, spoke wheels, suspension upgrades, exhaust. The fork tube received a black DLC treatment to give even more coherence in terms of style, and by reworking the tail, we were able to clean up the machine: leather upholstery with diamond stitching, and a new rear loop with integrated light.

BMW R nineT Custom

Build Sheet

• Heritage tank
• Original FCR paint
• Black leather upholstery kit with black stitching
• Rear buckle with integrated FCR LED light
• FCR aluminum side covers
• FCR Street Bobber black series exhaust system
• Original FCR CNC rear footrest
• Black spoke wheel
• TKC 80 Continental tires
• Black suspension
• DLC tube treatment
• Original FCR handlebars back
• Headlight bracket FCR original
• Original FCR speedometer bracket
• Black ceramic treatment on cycle part
• Original FCR cross footrest
• Original FCR battery support kit
• Brembo master cylinder
• Fork bellows
• Rear suspension lowering kit
• Side plate support
• Master cylinder jars with FCR support

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