Bottpower’s Yamaha XSR900: “XR9 Carbona”

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

Pikes Peak Power: Bottpower’s Yard-Built XSR900…

The Yamaha XSR900 is a retro roadster powered by Yamaha’s renowned CP3 (Crossplane 3-cylinder) engine — the same inline triple that powers the MT-09 “Hyper Naked” and Tracer 900 sport tourer. In ’22 XSR trim, it makes 108 rear-wheel horsepower and 63 ft-lbs of torque, while the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) fly-by-wire system replicates varying degrees of resistance for a traditional throttle feel:

“Snapping the throttle open rewards the rider with spirited acceleration and a wonderfully sonorous growl from the crossplane crank engine accompanied by a wicked howl from the newly shaped intakes. ” —Cycle World

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

For 2022, the XSR also received a stiffer, more responsive controlled-filled die-cast aluminum chassis, making the bike a treat on both backroads and race circuits.

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

Recently, we heard from David Sánchez of Bottpower — the well-known Spanish brand with deep racing experience:

“BOTT is the acronym of “Battle of the Twins”, a racing category for 2 cylinders, 4 strokes motorbikes, where motorbike engineering fanatics gave free rein to their ingenuity and creativity building incredible race machines. This category was always a breeding ground for alternative and original solutions. Bikes like the Britten, BMW VV or Yamaha Beater came from the BOTT category.”

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

More recently, Bottpower has put their expertise toward Yamaha’s CP3-powered Triples with a new Pikes Peak-inspired Yamaha Yard Built custom, which showcases a radical new body kit.

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

Yamaha’s Yard Built program was developed to showcase what’s possible when the custom industry’s most creative minds are let loose on a standard production bike. In recent years, we’ve seen some real two-wheeled masterpieces emerge from workshops all over the world, and Bottpower’s “XR9 Carbona” is one of the most radical Yard Built specials we’ve seen.

The story began in 2017 when Bottpower specials won two of the categories at the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado — one of the world’s oldest and most famous races, run over a treacherous 12.42-mile road course with 156 turns and an elevation gain of nearly 5000 feet.

Bottpower manager David Sánchez explained the concept and inspiration:

“The XR9 Carbona is inspired by our Pikes Peak victories. With its strong torque and compact chassis, we realized that the CP3-powered Yamaha XSR900 was the ideal base for this dynamic new Yard Built special. Firstly, our goal was to create a cool and fast bike with a modern and aggressive look – and we also wanted to be able to develop a ‘plug and play’ kit that would enable any Yamaha MT-09, XSR900 or Tracer 900 owner to transform their bike into the XR9.”

Compact, aggressive, and light, the XR9 Carbona is designed to deliver a high level of performance on twisty and challenging roads. Bottpower’s senior designer Hugo van Waaijen discusses the design further:

“Using our extensive experience with composites and 3D printing, we introduced Yamaha R-series elements like the hidden round headlights to create the feeling of a race bike with a numberplate. The XR9 Carbona features a lot of optical mass around the engine meaning a stubby front and short rear – and when looking from the ¾ front view it reminded us of a Pitbull with strong muscular shoulders (the fuel tank) and a hunched look which creates a powerful stance.”

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

While many of Yamaha’s Yard Built bikes are “one-off” specials aimed at inspiring owners to create their own unique motorcycles, the Bottpower Carbona XR9 kit is available via, designed to fit any existing XSR900, MT-09, and Tracer 900 without frame modifications.

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

The XR9 Carbona kit includes a fuel tank cover with integrated carbon fiber air intakes, carbon fiber seat and tail with alcantara saddle, tail and signal lights, front number plate with integrated LED position lights, radiator covers with winglets, high/low beam headlights, license plate holder, sprocket cover, and belly pan.

Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

In Action

Below, we take a look at the XR9 in action.

Yamaha XSR900 Street TrackerYamaha XSR900 Street Tracker Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker

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  1. Woah, this is one of the best builds I have seen in a while. No one can ever tell that this actually a retro-classic Yamaha XSR900.

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