Huskypower: Husqvarna 630 Street Tracker

Photo: @way.jiway

Satset Garage turns back the clock on a modern sumo… 

Introduced in 2011, the Husqvarna 630 SMR was one beast of a supermoto — a fuel-injected big-bore street version of the bikes that had won the company 13 Supermoto World Championships at the time:

“Origins for the 630 can be traced back to the 1999 SM 610, which was the only production supermoto bike sold in the U.S. at the time. This 2011 model benefits from the most comprehensive redesign to date.” –Cycle World

Stock 630 SMR

The 630 sported a larger 46-rwhp twin-cam engine, Mikuni digital fuel injection, twin-silencer exhaust, and more. It was the perfect machine for dicing through urban gridlock, carving canyons, and “backing it in” on your local kart track or short circuit. There was no traction control or ABS — it was a hooligan’s dream:

“The SMR630 is raw, edgy and slightly anti-social. It’ll remind you why you got into motorcycling in the first place.” –VisorDown

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

Recently, we heard from our friend Raka of Jakarta’s Satset Garage, builders of the Suzuki GT250 street tracker we featured a little while back — a bike that performs double duty on the street and speedway.

Raka and friends have a big love for flat track racing and style, and the 2012 Husky 630 SMR you see here was built for a customer who’d grown bored with the stock supermoto and wanted more of a street tracker. For Raka and the team, the influence was clear — a blend of new and vintage style, envisioned by designer @toropriant.

“Modern flat track, but influenced by the old Husqvarna CR350 from 1974.”

Evolution of the Design: @toropriant

Most all of the bodywork is new, including the fuel tank, side panels, seat, mudguard, intake ducts, and more — all of it handmade in the shop. The bike is now a far cry from the angled and beaked shape of the stock machine, looking more like a vintage enduro with flat-track aspirations. It’s a bike we might called a “retromod” — a modern bike with vintage style.

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

The bike is still rolling on 17-inch wheels, though they’ve been blacked out.  To our eyes, a set of 19-inch wheels and flat track rubber would take the bike to the next level, though it’s surely a head-turning hoot to ride in its present form.

Below, we talk to Raka for more details on the build.

Husky 630 Tracker / Scrambler: Builder Interview

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

• What’s the make, model, and year of the donor bike?

Husqvarna 630 SMR 2012.

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

• Why was this bike built?

Because the customer was bored with the stock model. He wanted to convert from a supermoto to flat track style.

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

Modern flat track, but influenced by the old Husqvarna CR350 from 1974.

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler
Photo: @way.jiway
• Please list what custom work was done to the bike.

The bodywork is all new, giving the bike a more streamlined and aggressive look. The seat, fuel tank, side panels, air duct, and mudguard at the front and rear all have a new design.

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler
Photo: @way.jiway
• Does the bike have a nickname?

I named it Bella — inspiration from the Twilight film ????

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride the finished bike?

Significantly more comfortable on both short and long rides.  Feels more powerful.

Husky 630 Tracker Scrambler

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

Everything is handmade.

Husqvarna 630 Scrambler Tracker Husqvarna 630 Scrambler Tracker

Follow the Builder

Builder: @satset.garage | @raka_vdp2604
Designer: @toropriant
Photos: @irwan_hardianto


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