Lucifer’s Hammer: Harley XR1000 Street Tracker

Harley XR1000 Street Tracker

Hot-Dock builds the “Ultimate XR1000″… 

Almost as soon as the Harley-Davidson XR750 hit the racing world in 1970, customers began asking for a street version of the mighty V-twin racer. However, it would take Harley 13 years to deliver a street-going XR, which came in the form of the XR1000.

1983 Harley XR1000

The XR1000 used a 1982 Sportster chassis and bottom end, to which were added better iron cylinders and hotter aluminum heads, along with dual carbs sporting competition-style K&N air cleaners and a high-mount exhaust — hallmarks of the XR750.

“Harley also advertised a hop-up kit with 10.5:1 pistons, hotter cams and an unmuffled exhaust system that claimed to offer an extra 20 horsepower.” –National Motorcycle Museum

The most famous XR1000 of all time has to be “Lucifer’s Hammer,” a road racer built from reclaimed parts that would come to dominate American racing circuits in the 1980s:

“Lucifer’s Hammer, says an old Irish legend, was a comet sent by the Devil to destroy a village that had been invaded by foreigners so evil they made Lucifer himself jealous. How apt, therefore, that the bike bearing the hellfire orange and black colours of the Harley-Davidson factory, which upended the Italian domination of the AMA’s Battle of the Twins (BOTT) series in 1983, should have been so named…” -Alan Cathcart, Motorcycle Mojo

In 1983, flat track legend Jay “Springer” Springsteen, who had just four road races under his belt in the previous seven years, was first to ride Lucifer’s Hammer in the Battle of the Twins series:

“This XR1000, with Springsteen aboard, annihilated the first BOTT field in Daytona that year. Team rider Gene Church went on to blow away the machines from Europe and Japan in winning three additional Battle of the Twins titles between 1984-1986.” -AMA Superbike

Lucifer’s Hammer would campaign in the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) colors, racing until its retirement in 1988…and the introduction of Lucifer’s Hammer II.

Enter our friend Keiji Kawakita of Japan’s Hot-Dock Custom Cycles — a man renowned for building some of the baddest American V-twin customs on the planet. When a customer asked for “the Ultimate XR1000,” Keiji was only too happy to oblige.

XR1000 Street Trackerx

The bike is built on a J&M XR750 frame, which Keiji modified to hold the XR1000 engine. Other highlights include alloy cylinders, lightweight magnesium wheels, top-shelf Bitubo suspension and AP Racing brakes, and titanium exhaust.

XR1000 Street Trackerx

Aptly nicknamed Lucifer’s Hammer, this XR1000 street tracker is a ground-pounding thunder machine from one of the world’s masters. Below, we talk to Keiji for more details on the build.

XR1000 Street Tracker: Builder Interview

XR1000 Street Trackerx

• What’s the make, model, and year of the donor bike?

XR1000, 1984.

XR1000 Street Trackerx

• Why was this bike built?

Order from a customer.

XR1000 Street Tracker

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

Ultimate XR1000. The customer had a dream bike (a bike I made a long time ago) and he wanted to get it.

The original XR1000 dream bike…

• Please list the custom work done to the bike.
  • Modified J&M frame for an XR750, installed with XR1000 engine.
  • The highest peak suspension and brakes on lightweight magnesium wheels.
  • Titanium muffler.
  • Aluminum cylinders.

XR1000 Street Tracker

• Does the bike have a nickname?

Lucifer’s Hammer.

XR1000 Street Tracker

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

Lightweight for light and fast riding.

XR1000 Street Tracker

• What is your favorite part of this bike?

The color and overall design.

Follow the Builder

Facebook: @Hot-Dock-156289354531582
Instagram: @keijikawakita

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