The One Moto Show 2023: Bobbers & Choppers

We’re back with another segment from The One Motorcycle Show! Last time, we featured The One Moto Show 2022: Trackers and Scramblers. Now it’s time to steer toward the wild side, with the choppers, bobbers, baggers, cruisers, and multi-wheeled wild things from the show.

Our man on the ground this year was photographer Fouad “Moh” Mohiadeen (@astronaut_bear), a Baghdad-born, Portland-raised Navy veteran with three combat air medals. He’s a diehard moto aficionado and exotic car chaser, and the founder of Panigale Riders.

Without further ado, here are our highlights from the show!

The One Moto 2023: Choppers, Bobbers, Baggers, etc.

2022 Combat Wraith from Ernest Lee / Combat Motors

BMW R18 by Nick Lampert

2009 Harley XL1200N by Rob Carpenter


2022 Indian Chief by @beardedbobber

2014 Yamaha Vstar “Captain Samuel Bellamy” by LK Moto Art

1981 Yamaha XS650 from @jonnydirt / Rawhide Cycles

1999 Yamaha Vstar 650 “Music Bike” from Mike Wolf

1981 Shovelhead from Matt Halkyard (“Still married after this build”)

1993 HD XLH from Kyle Oxford (@tat2peace)

Evo chopper — Builder Unknown

2023 BMW R19 from Fred Kodlin

“Dragonator” by @lkmotoart

2017 H-D FXDLS from Mychal Foerster

2022 Triumph Bobber from Kris Guico

2005 “Black Beast” from Dingy Bob (124″ S&S engine / Baker 6-speed)

“Rootbeer Deluxe” from Aero Precision

1976 Chopper from Gino & Denise Ilacqua

1950 Harley Panhead from Sosa Metalworks

1947 Indian Scout from Sosa Metalworks

Indian Bobber — Builder Unknown

Sidehacks & Wild things

1957 ChangJing CJ750 from Antony Valoppi

1967 BMW R60/2 from Pokie Parmidge

1970 Trisport TS130 from Humphreys / Johnson

VolksRod: ’78 Porsche 928 engine with Buell front wheels / brakes!

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  1. A lot of expensive fugliness in that post!
    A couple of nice machines. But,
    These builders , most of them , are ignorant of choppers as they totally miss the point , Less is more.

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