Light to Black: “Lucenera” Ducati Monster 600 Special

Ducati Monster 600 Special

LUCENERA: A tribute to the “Shape” of Light… 

Luca Pozzato is the headman of GP Design, a Turin-based workshop known for creating turning motorcycles into jewels of contemporary design. His recent Ducati 1260 Diavel “Mu” made waves at EICMA, and today we’re thrilled to present “Lucenera” (Italian for “Black Light”), a modern classic Ducati 600 custom born from the collaboration between GP Design and one of our favorite social media channels, Ducati Special.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

The bike has strong vintage connotations, but with a contemporary twist through the use of modern mechanical elements like the Jonich spoke wheels, Pirelli tyres, HP Corse exhausts, and Ducati Performance instrumentation. The result is, as Pozzato explains:

“A hard-to-identify style that perfectly embodies my vision of ‘creating motorbikes’, where present, past and future intersect to create a unique harmony”.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

The Genesis of Lucenera

Starting with the cheeky and rebellious Ducati Monster 600, Pozzato gave shape to the dream of Roberto Passaro, social media manager of Ducati Special, dressing the small naked bike with new emotions. Says Passaro:

“I wanted a black motorbike that would catch the eye. Luca was able to understand, support and materialise this thought of mine, giving shape, substance and, above all, ‘light to black’. It was precisely from this paradox that the name LUCENERA was born”.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

Lucenera in Detail

From the chassis to the electrical system, everything has been overhauled and upgraded with high-level components. The levers and grips, brake and clutch fluid reservoirs, mirrors, number plate holder and indicators are from Rizoma.

Ducati Special

STM supplied the clutch housing and push buttons, while the steering plate, clutch actuator, and frame caps are from AEM Factory.

Ducati Special

For the handlebars, Pozzato turned to FG Racing Parts, while the footpegs and sprocket housing are from Ducabike. Finally, everything was secured with top-quality Pro-Bolt bolts.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

A distinctive feature is the handmade aluminium tank, the stylistic trait d’union between the fairing, and the minimalist tail which houses the front and rear LED light clusters, set like jewels, so much so that they look more like aesthetic than functional details.

As always, Pozzato paid almost maniacal attention to the paintwork. Lucenera is a perfect colour play of green/gold tones on the frame, also reflected on the tank and tail, while black dominates by playing on shades between glossy and matte, the cut of which is appropriately designed to visually shorten the line of the motorbike.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

And since a motorbike also represents a lifestyle, functional elements such as the Bell helmet in Lucenera colors, the bike cover with carpet customised by Kurabike, the strictly black Held technical clothing, and the black CT Scuderia watch were added.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

About GP Design

A boutique for enthusiasts that not only sells motorbikes, but makes them. Luca Pozzato, an artist who grew up in the family motorbike dealership in Turin, and Stefano Boido, a motorbike enthusiast and expert in nanotech treatments, offer unique handcrafted objects through their workshop.

Ducati Monster 600 Special

They use a cognitive survey method to gauge customer tastes and expectations, then after a few weeks of work they aim to deliver a motorbike that goes far beyond imagination. They are master craftsmen who machine aluminium, weld tanks, sew fine saddles, shape bodywork, and other unique details.

Ducati Special

The whole thing erupts in a handover-inauguration party with videos that speak to the philosophy of the individual project. This is the method behind GP Design’s “Only For You” projects. To date, there are more than 100 one-offs created by the Turin-based workshop, which is now a well-established international player.

Ducati Special

About Luca Pozzato

Born in Turin in 1973, he is The Daydreamer, the visionary artist who turned this dream into reality. With petrol running through his veins, the CEO of Officine GP Design directly operates and creates these special vehicles, starting from a dream and arriving at true masterpieces of motorbike art, made of noble materials, sweat , and passion. Says Pozzato:

“We all come from the past, live the present, and look to the future, but the challenge is to intersect the three temporal spaces by innovating, always, going beyond, and putting ourselves at stake each time.”

Ducati Special

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Facebook: Officine GP Design
Instagram: @gpdesign_official
Owner and Project Partner: @ducatispecial
Video by @filippo_pavia and @umbegotti



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  2. Hello,
    If the intention of the title was the translation of Lucenera it would have been better Blacklight.
    Nice one, and congrats to GP Design

    • bikebound

      No, the translation is in the first paragraph: Today we’re thrilled to present “Lucenera” (Italian for “Black Light”)…

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