One Moto Show 2024: Scramblers & Trackers

Bike: See See Motorcycles

2024 marks the 15th anniversary of the annual One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon, hosted by See See Motorcycles.

“In 2010 we hosted the very first The One Motorcycle Show in an old abandoned warehouse. Since then, each year we’ve crafted an event to celebrate the weird, rare, and unconventional bikes that we all love in a way that everyone can enjoy… Our driving force to keep going is the feeling that we’re adding to something that we love. We want to give back to motorcycling. We want to be inclusive and inspire people to participate.

The show has grown into one of the biggest and best in the entire world, showcasing a wide range of custom, rare, vintage, and wild motorcycles. It now fills up the 100,000+ square-foot Zidell Yards on Portland’s South Waterfront — a massive open-air structure used for shipbuilding in the 1930s.

For 2024 our man on the ground was once again Fouad “Moh” Mohiadeen (@astronaut_bear), a Baghdad-born, Portland-raised Navy veteran with three combat air medals. Moh is a diehard moto aficionado, exotic car chaser, and the founder of Panigale Riders.

Moh got so many stunning shots this year we’re splitting them up into several segments based on the loose genre/style of the bikes included. This round includes trackers, scramblers, dirt bikes, desert sleds, and pretty much anything build to get dirty. What’s your favorite bike from this batch?

’09 Sportster by Stoos Customs (Featured on BikeBound and now for sale!)

BMW R nineT by Tim Rupp (@cedar_mill_customs)

1980 Harley Quad by Edward Brink

H-D Trackers by See See Motorcycles

’89 Yamaha XT600Z Tenere by Geo Chamarro / Raid Moto

2010 KTM 690 by David Nast Cole


’89 Honda Africa Twin from Dustin Evans




Suzuki RM250 by OnTap Racing (@theofficial_washougalpatriot)

’96 Fastmoon 500 (CR250/500R) by Brooke & Chris Heikkila

2024 Livewire S2 Del Mar Launch Edition from Veronika Volok

2024 Land Moto District Scrambler “Genesis”

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  1. Did some detective work and found the teal and white sportster tracker was built by See See Motorcycles

  2. Would like to see a profile of Harley Quad by Edward Brink

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