One Moto Show: Bobbers, Choppers, & Wild Things!

It’s a bit hard to believe that 2024 marked the 15th anniversary of The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon, hosted by Thor and the team at See See Motorcycles. The event started in an old abandoned warehouse and has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the world’s premier custom motorcycle events.

The One Moto never fails to showcase and celebrate a wild array of machines — “weird, rare, and unconventional bikes that we all love” — in a gorgeous kaleidoscope of chrome, rubber, and candy paint. You’ll see everything from 200-hp superbikes to greasy Panhead choppers to two-wheeled oddities that defy description.

Nowhere is this wildness on wider display than the segment we bring you today: choppers, bobbers, sidehacks, and “wild things.”

This year our man behind the lens was once again Fouad “Moh” Mohiadeen (@astronaut_bear) — a Baghdad-born, Portland-raised Navy vet, Ducati rider, and light-wrangler extraordinaire. Without further ado, here are our show highlights for bobbers, choppers, and wild things. Got a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

2003 Sportster by David (Last Name Unknown)

’57 Triumph “Green Dream” from Red Clouds Collective

“Hackel-Wright” by Al Hackel

1991 Sportster by Herb Anderson

“John Harman” by Koh Sakaguchi of Suicide Customs


1981 Sportster by Koh Sakaguchi of Suicide Customs

“Shiny Causes Stress” Indian Chief by Robert Trottier

“Cash Money” by Aero Precision Metal Works

1945 Knucklehead “Too Much” by Knuckbob

’79 Harley Shovel w/ U-Gate Clutch from Jason Anderson

’81 Harley Shovel from Niclas Krake

’73 Harley Shovehead from Brian Nelson

2001 Harley Sprotster from Michael Zylstra

’51 Panhead by Jeff Gray

2006 Honda VLX600 “Hooligan” by Mitch Witkamp

“Holy Sh*t” — Builder Unknown

2003 Honda Rebel “Filipino Tricycle” by Mike Arcega

1923 GN Spider Cylcle Kart from Zac Smith

Honda CB550K “Dead Last” by Travis Derrick

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  1. These types of bikes don’t do anything for me, but I’m deeply envious of the craftsmanship and the capabilities of the builders. Respect.

  2. Marc deveraux

    That is a example how humans can ruin a perfectly good motorcycle and make it useless..1970 is where this collection belongs

  3. All bikes,True Art, RESPECT To all bike builders.. you like custom bikes or you Don’t , if you like just stock bikes, OK Boring …MAY BE THESE GUYS .ARE .ONES IN ROOM FACEING OPESITE WAY TO 2000 FACING FALWORD….

  4. Ronnie Copen

    To each his own, calm down people!

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