Grand Battle Brat: Suzuki GS150 “Bart” Tracker

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerWinning Tracker, MotoBuilds Pilipinas 2024: “Bart” by Garage Esquinita…  

While the major manufacturers have largely transitioned to liquid-cooling and EFI on their large displacement bikes, they’ve continued to produce smaller, simpler air-cooled machines for markets where folks depend on motorcycles for work and daily transportation. Rugged, reliable, minimalist machines that can be fixed with simple hand tools and a little mechanical know-how.

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerOne such bike is the Suzuki GS150R (Mola 150), introduced in 2008 to several world markets. This pint-size GS features an air-cooled SOHC single-cylinder engine with electric start and six-speed transmission, producing ~14 horsepower with a wet weight of just under 300 pounds.

Suzuki GS150 / Mola 150

While these 150cc workhorses may be a bit boring in factory trim, they make excellent, affordable donors for custom workshops in countries where they’re plentiful — a sea of utilitarian machines just asking for a direct injection of art, style, personality.

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerEarlier this year, we featured a custom Yamaha XSR155 street tracker from Jed Patrick Oriña, a young Filipino builder whose passion for two wheels led him to open his own workshop, Garage Esquinita.

Esquinita means a small alley, because the walkway to my shop is very narrow and you can only ride one bike entering it.”

HELLA: Yamaha XSR155 Scrambler

Jed had the honor of being one of three Filipino builders asked by Yamaha Philippines to build the XSR for the annual Makina Moto Show, and the bike made quite the impression both at the show and online. Now Jed’s back with his latest project, a brat-style GS150 built for a client whose height called for a taller, slightly enduro-oriented build.

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerWe love the way Jed has successfully blended Japanese bratstyle, “kustom” flair, and the geometry of a vintage enduro into a single well-balanced package. The fabrication was extensive — everything is one-off, not bolt-on. 

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerJeb welded up a new custom subframe to match the main frame of the bike, fabricated the custom tracker handlebars from scratch, built the seat pan, and sewed up the custom saddle in a blend of straight and diamond-stitch patterns.

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerHe fabricated custom fenders and fender brackets, the custom exhaust, the speedometer cowl, the brackets for the dual headlight setup, and more. The wiring has been internally routed for the cleanest look possible. Appropriate to the vinduro vibe, the tank is a Yamaha DT360 unit with a flame job courtesy of Jason Saliendra of Jason Handpainting. Aptly enough, the owner has nicknamed this little brat “Bart.”

Suzuki GS150 Brat TrackerWe love to see a bike and builder get the attention they deserve, so we were overjoyed when “Bart” won first place in the Tracker category at one of the country’s largest custom shows and competitions, MotoBuilds Pilipinas 2024: The Grand Battle. Congrats and well deserved, Jed!

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Jed himself is quick to thank those who support his work:

“Special thanks for all the support coming from my family, all of my friends, the owner of the bike — Doctor Job Corcuera — and specially to my wife who hasn’t slept because of her work just to support me through out the show. Thank you all so much 🙏🙏🙏”

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker
Jed and his wife ❤️

Below is more of our interview with Jed himself. Photography credit goes to Toni Nielo (@theturtlevisual), who also shot the XSR. Enjoy!

Suzuki 150 Brat Tracker: Builder Interview

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

• What’s the make, model, and year of the donor bike?

A 2011 Suzuki GS150.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

• Why was this bike built?

Customer project.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

It’s a Japanese brat style inspired.


• What custom work was done to the bike?

I did a custom subframe. The stock frame looks awful because the rear end tube was smaller than the front, so I cut the rear end and used the same size tubing as the front to make it more uniform. 

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Then I made higher custom handlebars for that tracker feel. Also I made a custom seat frame and did a straight and diamond stitch for a simple look.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Custom handmade fenders that fit the tires perfectly, custom battery and wire trays for that minimal clean looking compartment, custom rear fender brackets for that classic feel.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Custom maroon paint job and hand-painted flames done by my friend Jason Saliendra of Jason Handpainting.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

A simple custom headlight bracket that holds two headlights.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Replaced the stock tank with a Yamaha DT360 tank. Custom full system exhaust, custom speedo cowl, and custom signal light bracket that fits the bike perfectly.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

The bike won 1st place in the Tracker category at the recently-held MotoBuilds Pilipinas 2024: The Grand Battle. It’s a yearly event that happens here in the Philippines like that of a Bike Shed and Mooneyes Show.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Special thanks for all the support coming from my family, all of my friends, the owner of the bike — Doctor Job Corcuera — and specially to my wife who hasn’t slept because of her work just to support me through out the show. Thank you all so much 🙏🙏🙏

Jed and owner Dr. Job C.
• Does the bike have a nickname?

The owner named it “BART.”

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride this bike?

It’s like you are riding an enduro bike. We made the geometry of the bike as high as possible because the owner is too tall for the bike, so all in all the bike fits the owner.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

What I’m proud of is that I achieved our goal, which was to be minimal as can be. The cables are neat and clean, all the electrical wires are hidden inside the frame, and also the paint job — I’m glad so many people liked the color combination of maroon, chrome, and white.

Suzuki GS150 Brat Tracker

Follow the Builder

Instagram: @jedpatrickorina
Facebook: Garage Esquinita
Photographer: Toni Nielo (@theturtlevisual)


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