1968 Norton P11 Desert Sled

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1968 Norton P11 Desert Sled

Before the rise of motocross, desert racing was the most popular off-road motorcycle sport, and racer Mike Patrick rode this very desert sled to multiple race wins and championships.

  1. Great photo.

    I uncrated a few of those many years ago when I was a young lad working for Hall & Burdette Norton/Parilla in Sacramento, CA. Man….I wanted one of those beasts….but never had one. A young man’s dream.

  2. Thanks for featuring Mike Patrick’s championship desert sled. I’m the bloke who tracked Mike down, convinced him to allow me to freshen it up for him and many years later allowed me to purchase it from him. Shortly before Mike passed away I worked with Brian Slark at the Barber Motorsports museum to install it properly for all to enjoy.

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