1970 Honda CR750


1970 Honda CR750

The CR750 was a "kit bike" available through select dealers that would convert a street CB750 into a competitive race bike, making 96-hp with a weight of 380 lbs. A CR won the Daytona 200 in 1970, reaching speeds of 161 mph on the track.

  1. 96hp in 1970 is pretty amazing. When you Think of Cal Rayborn’s Daytona 200 Winning 1969 H-D KRTT making just over 60hp; Now You can see why that was the last win for H-D @ the Daytona 200. Honda was always capable of making big HP from 4 strokes going back to their early days of FIM GP Racing. The 1970 CB/CR750 Engine actually goes against their protocol of designing their Engines with an Over Square Bore/Stroke Configuration. This 4 Cylinder Engine had a Bore x Stroke of 61mm х 63 mm; which to my knowledge is the only Under Square Engine both 2 & 4 Stroke that Honda Mfg. Although 96hp by today’s technology is trivial for multi-cylinder 4 strokes; It is still impressive; and to see Mann flying around Daytona @ 160+mph and going by some bikes like they had stalled was amazing …

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