1974 Kawasaki 1600 V8


1974 Kawasaki 1600 V8

Another one of UK engineer Allen Millyard's multi-cylinder masterpieces, this deceptively factory-looking '74 KZ now boasts a one-off 1594cc, 150-hp V8 built from two inline four engines.

  1. i had a z-1 back in the day, when i was 18- 19. same trim as above. incredible engine, smooth, responsive at all r.p.m., fast as hell. frame made of rubber. known for going into speed wobble at about 90-100mph if everthing wasn`t tight. pretty scary. my next bike, a suz gs100, which used a basicly slightly-modified z-1 engine, handled far,far better at speed.anyway about this v-8 z-1 somebody`s built here…. i just don`t get it. 160 hp in a chassis that couldn`t handle half that? the same size back tire that forced you to go easy hitting second gear on a stock bike? this isn`t good engineering or good motorcycle building. this is some sort of useless spectacle. why would someone do this?

  2. This is truly ‘Art’, and no other word could describe it.

    Best I ever did was to harness two yamaha YDS 2 (250cc) twin engines fore and aft into a stretched frame; the original idea came from a NHRA drag bike which had a 3/4″ frame and although I really liked the original, my first frame flexed wayyy too much for a canyon machine.

    The available H.P. (!) was
    more than one could imagine and am sorry I had to let it go, but a new baby girl and moving to a new place sealed it’s fate, but now have twenty-two vintage bikes along with a ’04 Honda Aero and a 2016 Harley ‘Three Wheeler’ and am thinking about coupling two Bultaco Astro 250/350 CC’s together in a Rickman’s brushed Nickle frame with a custom fork from a ’72 R75/5, dual discs, and a complimentary rear disc to balance it all out and if I manage to get it done this year or next I will submit some ‘pics’ and an article with a basic description of the build.

    I Love the old iron, cause it’s what’s put most of us olde farts on the road, and mine was a 64 YDS2 Yamaha 250cc Catalina.

    Every time I ride one of my vintage machines it’s like stepping back into time to 1964 when I was eighteen – thank GOD I can still remember that !

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