Honda GL1000 Scrambler

Honda Goldwing Scramblers

The Honda Goldwing may not seem the ideal candidate for a scrambler build. After all, these giant flat-four and flat-six tourers were designed as kings of the highway, capable of cruising long miles in comfort. But as today’s adventure bikes grow ever larger and heavier, the Goldwing doesn’t seem quite so crazy as a long-range scrambler.

Indeed, the good folks at Dos Honduros have taken their bone-stock 600-lb GL1100 Interstates on the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR), proving that the Goldwing can endure a surprising amount of punishment. What’s more, the boxer engines have solid low-end and midrange performance, and the original Honda GL1000 — powered by an 80-hp flat-four — was 1974’s second-fastest production bike in the quarter mile — outperformed only by the mighty Kawasaki Z1!

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