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Hoping to lower your monthly premiums? Often, it’s better to get your coverage through an insurer that caters to riders. Just enter your zip code, and we can connect you with motorcycle insurers in Northridge. Review policies, rates in a matter of minutes.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance

The state of California dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability insurance pays for damages suffered by others in accidents for which you are found to be liable. The state has established the minimum liability limits. There are three minimum liability protections set forth:

  • For Injuries to a Single Individual: $15,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Persons: $30,000
  • For Property Damage: $5,000

If saving money is your only goal, simply getting insured up to these amounts will do the trick. However, intelligent policyholders opt for more than this. After all, IRC (Insurance Research Council) will tell you that 14.7% of California car owners drive without insurance. You should give some thought to Uninsured Motorist insurance so that you’ll be protected in the event that the other motorist doesn’t have insurance.

Reducing Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

Trying to keep your insurance rates to a minimum? There are a number of options.

  • Go through a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course. Most insurers provide a 10-20% discount for finishing an MSF course.
  • Avoid citations. This is fundamental!
  • Get a lay-up policy. With such a policy, you don’t have to pay so much during the cold months of winter.
  • Avoid high-insurance bikes. Modern sport bikes, and especially liter bikes and larger, are very expensive to insure.

Northridge Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Without considering certain variables, it’s hard to estimate the cost of coverage. Some general information on you and your machine makes it much easier estimate your rates. Luckily, we work with a lot of the major insurers that insure motorcycles in Northridge, who can offer you quotes and rates on the web. Simply submit your zip code to get started. After that you can begin looking at rates and policies from the insurance companies you want.

Sport Bike Insurance in Northridge

As a rule, sport bikes, which insurers refer to as supersports, can be highly expensive to insure. That’s because, in terms of crashes and fatalities, they’re the most dangerous class of motorcycle. Your record has a big influence on the cost of insuring your sport bike. Simply speaking, high insurance rates are hard to avoid. A lot of sportbike riders don’t carry anything besides liability, to help save money. This is a mistake, as damaging the plastics of these bikes can cost thousands to repair.

NorthridgeScooter Coverage

Scooters ought to be covered by insurance, the same as bikes. Simple liability coverage is usually very reasonable, and it could save you a bundle in the case of an accident. Make sure to ask your agent for more information.

ATV and Dirt Bike Insurance

Off-road riding is hard to beat. However, remember this: More often than not, when you are riding on public property, a liability policy is mandatory, and these types of policies are typically very economical.

Northridge Custom Bike Insurance

If you reside in Northridge and your machine has substantial aftermarket parts or handmade modifications, you should consider insurance to protect your investment, often known as Custom Parts and Equipment coverage. This can be bikes which have at least $1000 in upgrades.

Without coverage, the replacement of aftermarket or custom parts won’t be covered if you’re in an accident. No, you’ll only be compensated for the value of your stock bike. You can keep reading about custom bike coverage in this section.

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