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Riding a motorcycle without insurance is never recommended, regardless of where you live. All too often, motorcycle insurance premiums are more expensive than expected. With that being said, riders shouldn’t have to suffer from overpriced prices. The only tactic to track down the cheapest price for insurance is to check the insurance policies offered by rivalling providers. Don’t hesitate to enter your zip code to start researching policies and premiums.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

If you’re thinking of motorcycle insurance in Sunnyvale, there are quite a few differing types of policy coverage from which you can choose. These coverages include

  • Insurance Against Property Damage Liability
  • Insurance Against Bodily Injury Liability
  • Coverage Against Drivers With no Insurance
  • Full Insurance

Don’t forget that if you leased or financed your bike, you may have to have comprehensive motorcycle insurance. Ask your loan company or dealership for more details.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Guidelines

Liability insurance guards you money wise if you are judged culpable for injuries or destruction to a third party.

Typically, you will see these liability thresholds displayed as three dollar amounts, much like $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. The initial couple of dollar amounts are bare minimum coverage limits for bodily injury liability. The initial one is for one particular person in an automobile accident, the next for all parties overall. The third sum relates to damage to property liability.

Do not forget that motorcycle liability coverage won’t insure you, the the motorbike, or passengers – only your legal liability.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Sunnyvale

Insurance rates will be determined by a wide array of interrelated factors. Your experience, your number of past citations, and the style of bike being insured are all important, as is what type and level of coverage you want. Thankfully, we make it easy to evaluate policies and rates from a wide selection of insurers. When you enter in your zip code, you’ll see a list of trusted motorcycle insurance providers in Sunnyvale. Then, you can choose the insurers that interest you.

Scooter Coverage

Insuring your scooter is advisable, whether you have to or not. Typically, the premiums are affordable, and those few extra bucks could save you thousands if you’re involved in an accident. Liability is often all that’s necessary.

Dirt Bike and ATV Insurance coverage

If you ride in the dirt, you should consider a plan for your dirt bike or all-terrain vehicle. Of course, some off-road parks require that you carry liability insurance, in case you hurt another rider while on the trail. You may want to contact your local trail systems to determine if they want you to have insurance.

Sunnyvale Custom Bike Insurance

If you ride in Sunnyvale and your machine has considerable aftermarket parts or custom modifications, consider Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) coverage. This is usually bikes with at least a thousand dollars in custom parts or work.

Without coverage, the replacement of non-factory parts will not be covered if you’re in an accident. Rather, you will only be paid out on the value of the bike in factory trim. You can keep reading about custom coverage in this section.

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