The Katana That Could Be? The Icon 1000


The Suzuki Katana has been a popular bike since it’s introduction in the late 1970’s. It’s also been rather divisive. Although it garnered rather tepid reviews from motorcycle magazines, younger riders embraced the bike and helped it achieve the success it enjoys today. Today, many enthusiasts take time to customize and modify the bike. Like the Icon 1000 below.

The new custom Icon 1000, based on the Suzuki Bandit, sports a new 1200cc inline-4 and a 1/4″ steel plate frame with reinforcements. The bike has been heavily modified, and is a great example of what new bikes from Suzuki could look like, if they ever choose to bring the Katana back with a new design, new heart, and new soul. There are some great pictures below if you’d like to see this beauty.

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