Faves: Suzuki GSX1100 Custom Streetfighter

Suzuki GSX1100 Custom Streetfighter

This magnificent project headed up by French craftsman Karl Renoult of Ed Turner Motorcycles (“Head Turner”) was designed and built for a client who is a designer himself. They naturally got along and had similar ideas on what would make the most radical 1980 Suzuki GSX 1100. Of course the final product was even better that the initial dream design. They started with a outstanding common goal for this project which was pretty simple. Start with the huge powerful Suzuki engine then drop it into a whole new frame. Add a small custom fiberglass fuel tank, splash it with retro skater stickers and add in upside-down Buell forks upfront. Top it off with a blazing “mooneyes” yellow paint, custom installed headlight from a Ford Mustang and velocity exhaust stacks and it clearly not only defines, but sets the standard for radical in the greatest 80’s sense!

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