2005 Yamaha Scorpio Z Cafe Racer

Yamaha Scorpio Z Cafe Racer

There seems to be a trend toward small-displacement customs, a trend that started in Indonesia and Southeast Asia and now seems to be spreading globally. Today we’re happy to present this 2005 Yamaha Scorpio Z built by Darrius Deluo of Indonesia.

The Scorpio Z is an air-cooled, 225 single first introduced in 2006 as an urban commuter. It makes 18 horsepower and weighs 300 pounds dry. It’s an especially popular little machine in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s been praised for its handling and fun factor, especially considering the $3999 price tag. In the words of Jacqui Madelin of Drivesouth.co.nz:

Nevertheless this Scorpio has real-bike dynamics, a forgiving suspension, and handlebars that are ideal for flinging her into a corner, or correcting slides on slick roads. Which meant I could wind the throttle to the stop and hurl her through the swervery with the sort of abandon not possible with a big-bore sports bike on the gnarly back roads I frequent.
That being said, the Scorpio Z isn’t the most attractive bike in factory form. As Jacqui says:  “For let’s face it, even its mother wouldn’t call it handsome.”
Well, until our boy Darrius gets hold of it.  We were able to overcome some language barriers to get some details on this 225cc cafe racer. Darrius fitted a set of aftermarket USD forks, which beef up the front end of the bike and introduce that gold anodized motif that fits so well with the carbon black of the rest of the bike.
Yamaha Scorpio Cafe Racer
The brakes are Brembo units, making sure this little rocket can stop as quick as it can go, and the wheels are custom-laced to aluminum rims. The exhaust is an Akrapovic unit, and the front fender is carbon fiber.
As you can see from the image below, this is no show queen. Darrius rides the hell out of this machine, and you can see some of his stunting on his Instagram account:  @Darrius_Deluo
Yamaha Scorpio Cafe

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