Faves: Ninja 250 Street Tracker

Ninja 250 Street Tracker

If you’ve ever wondered what the bike of your dreams may look like, you might want to take a good, long look at White Collar Bike‘s X1st Urban Tracker. Although it may sound like it is cobbled together, this carefully put together piece of machinery is a work of art. It is fantasy-meets-creativity at its finest.

The base bike is a Kawasaki Ninja 250, but little of the original machine remains save frame, engine, and swingarm.  The supermoto wheels are from Honda, the forks from a GSX-R750, and the tires are Pirelli MT60RS.  The tank, seat, and tail are hand-shaped aluminum.   The tail lights are a highly original design, and the bike sports a back up camera instead of mirrors–the LCD screen, mounted in the tank, doubles as a GPS!

Ninja 250 Tracker

These guys put attention to detail in every single aspect of this urban tracker. You can follow them on Instagram:  @whitecollarbike

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