Faves: Yamaha DT250 Brat Custom

DT250 Brat Custom

If you ever rode a two-stroke dirt bike as a kid (or adult), you know there’s nothing quite like wringing the throttle on a manic little “two-smoker.”  We’ve been seeing some incredible two-stroke customs of late, including the Yamaha DT250 tracker of One Down Four Up, featured on Bike Exif.

Well, Chris Zahner of NYC, a man who self describes himself as an eclectic combination of traveler, builder, entrepreneur, bartender, and more–has built another Yamaha DT250 that deserves your attention.  Despite the strict budgets and the decisions that needed to be made to restore this beautiful bike back to its prime, Zahner has been able to restore the bike to its former glory, and then some, building a one-off custom that’s very hard to classify.  Is it a brat style DT250? A two-stroke chopper of sorts?  A mini-aped tracker of some kind?

DT250 Bratstyle

In the end, who cares?  This is one perfect, short-range ripper.  As Gareth Charlton says:

“The pavements of the Big Apple are going to be full of craned necks, smoke filled nostrils and big smiles.”

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