KLR250 Tracker by Triple Ocho Garage 888

KLR 250 Street Tracker

My first street-legal bike was a KLR250, but it was nothing like this beautiful tracker built by Mauro Lorusso of Triple Ocho Garage in Argentina.  We previously featured “La Suzu,” Mauro’s beautiful GSX750 tracker, and now he’s back with this beautiful custom dual-sport.

The KLR250 was produced from 1984 to 2005 and used, as you may know, for messenger and recon duty by the US military.  The bike has also served the Chilean national police (“Carabineros de Chile”), and it’s long been a popular beginner’s bike in the US market.  The bike makes 23-28 horsepower, gets around 65 mpg, and weighs less than 260 pounds dry.

KLR250 Custom:  In the Builder’s Words

KLR250 Tracker

Builder Mauro Lorusso sent the specs in Spanish–or Castellano, as the Argentines call it–so my year living in Buenos Aires came in handy.  The translation is below.

This is a Kawasaki KLR 250.  It has tracker-style wheels, 16-inch and 17-inch, covered in Pirelli rubber in the front and Metzeler in the rear.  Original front suspension has been modified, lowered by 14 cm.

The fuel tank is from a 1970 Honda CG, painted by Feno Artwork.  The seat is cowhide, designed by 888 garage.

The photos were taken yesterday by Alejandro Onorato in Galponcito De Ayer Museito (The Little Barn of Yesterday Museum) in Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


KLR250 Tracker



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  1. Joaquín Arguello

    Soy de Argentina tengo una Klr motor restaurado a cero km la quiero vender o permutar

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