Honda CB450 Scrambler by Steel Bent Customs

CB450 Scrambler

Today, we’re thrilled to present “Dirty Jersey,” a CB450 scrambler by one of the best in the business:  Michael Mundy of Steel Bent Customs in Oldsmar, Florida. We were lucky enough to visit with Mike at his shop last month and see some of his builds in person.

As many builders do, Mundy got into the business accidentally. He has a degree in marketing, and had been in sales and real estate. However, he loved motorcycles and begin building bikes as a hobby. He sold some early bikes on eBay as a sideline. Those bikes he built on spec. As the business grew, he created Steel Bent and now his bikes are built to order.

CB450 Tracker

This CB450 was built for a client in New York.  The CB550 and CB750 may get the lion’s share of attention from custom builders, but the CB450 was quite the machine for its time.  The parallel twin produced 45 horsepower–more than 100 horsepower per liter–and the valve springing was accomplished via torsion bars instead of traditional coil springs.  The bike was produced from 1965 to 1974, and the early model was sometimes known as the “Black Bomber.”

“Dirty Jersey” CB450:  In the Builder’s Words

CB450 Scrambler by Steel Bent Customs
Love this angle. That exhaust!

1976 Honda CB450. The client sent his bike to us for the build in stock form.

We started by cutting the frame to loop the seat. Raised up the rear end and started cleaning up the electronics. We were able to hide the gel battery under the custom seat and powder coated the exhaust, adding dual silencers. Bobbed the front fender & added moto bars. I was in New York City with my wife for a getaway weekend during the build and I was able to meet the owner at a speak easy bar–a rare thing to meet a client, as most of my business is via email/phone, and the bikes ship all over the world. We love the cb450–my shop bobber is a 1971 Honda CB450–the Seven 1.

We’re back at the build in January with a 1978 Honda CB750 SOHC and a Honda CB650 on the docket.


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  1. George Schoeman

    BSA Lightning Scrambler, ………… It is a truly Beautiful !

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  4. Tomas Harris

    Want to know what exhaust that is

  5. Baz Donado

    I also want to know what exhaust that is did it come off of a cl450?

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