Yamaha Virago Tracker by Chavazs Machmoedov

Yamaha Virago XV920R Tracker

Chavazs Machmoedov of The Netherlands is like a lot of us.  He has a full-time job, and building custom bikes is a way to escape the stresses of daily life and give shape to his creative talents.  He caught our attention with this burly black cannonball of a build, based on a Yamaha XV920R Virago. We will let Chavazs himself give you the details.

XV920R Custom Tracker:  In the Builder’s Words

Virago Custom Tracker

The total build took me around four months on and off, because I have a full-time job as well and this is just hobby. I started with the Yamaha XV920R because of the majestic sound and the look of the engine! But the rest of the bike was not what I wanted.

The front fork is a GSXR1000 from 2001. Of course I had to modify and adjust the triple clamp pen to fit the frame properly. The wheels come from a Ducati 999 which give the bike a badass look in combination with racing rain tires (not street legal, but who cares. 🙂

Yamaha XV920 Custom

Exhaust is completely modified by myself, my first exhaust ever, and wrapped with heat resistant titanium wrap. The seat is custom made by Marcel Miller (Miller Kustom Upholstery), a great guy with great skills who makes all my seats! Rest of the bike is finished off with handmade parts like the dash, sub frame and headlight brackets.

The bikes is not 100% finished like I want it, but will be updated and finalized this summer for sure! I don’t think I will ever sell this bike, but once again if someone offers me the right amount I might think about it. On the other hand, it give me a boost to start a new project again.

Hope all of you guys just like and enjoy what I do, because this is a way of getting away for me.

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