Yamaha Virago Scrambler by Moto Adonis

Yamaha Virago TR1 Scrambler

Moto Adonis of the Netherlands is one of our favorite builders.  Their R65 scrambler was one of our very favorite bikes of 2015, and their R80/7 cafe racer is pure class.  Now Daan and crew are back with another killer build.  This time it’s a Yamaha TR1, known in the States as the XV920R (Virago).  It doesn’t hurt that this bike is coupled with a beautiful VW Doka and cute pup.  We’ll let Daan give you the full story…

Yamaha TR1 Virago Scrambler:  In the Builder’s Words

Yamaha TR1 Virago Scrambler

We have finished a new project. It’s a very special Yamaha TR1.

This Yamaha TR1 is a hard bike to find in the Netherlands, but we have managed to find one and give that bike a bad ass scrambler style look! This bike is heading for the streets of Amsterdam. We have changed a lot on this bike! Let’s start from front to back:

Of course the bike was taken apart and all the useless parts were tossed away and made space for new some new gear.

XV920R Scrambler

At the front we have placed a KTM 690 SM front spoke rim and after we put on the 120/70 Pirelli MT60 Corsa tyre we have mounted the rim in a Suzuki GSXR front fork. The disk-brake came from ktm as well but the double caliber claw is from GSXR. The headlight is a Triumph scrambler 7 inch headlight with a mudguard and with a new handlebar, speedo and Biltwell grips this front was ready.

The gas tank is an adjusted cb750 tank and of course it got a new paintjob. The rearframe and seat are handmade with a new rearlight, batterybox and you will find small blinkers if you follow the line down to the mainframe. The rearwheel and brake are KTM 690SM aswell fitted with a fat 160/60 Pirelli MT60RS tyre.


The exhaust is handmade from Stainless steel and the engine got a new paint job, partly wrinkle paint, partly gloss black and the covers where polished.

Photos by Nextline Media.

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