“Death Crusher” NX650 Supermoto / Tracker

Honda NX650 Supermoto

Today, we have a very special build:  The “Death Crusher” by Jeremy Hutch, the industrial designer behind H U T C H B I L T.  We originally saw the build at the Handbuilt Show earlier this year, where it made quite an aggressive statement. You could hardly even identify the base bike, a 2000 Honda NX650 Elsinore.

There was the angular, custom-welded aluminum gas tank, the single-sided swingarm from a Triumph ST1050, the CRF250 front end. Back then, it was sitting on more of a tracker/scrambler setup, sporting a custom Excel front rim sporting a Talon hub and spokes, shoed in a knobby Pirelli. Since then, Jeremy has added a supermoto conversion, which handles better at high speeds.

Honda NX650 Street Tracker
Sporting the original tracker/scrambler setup.

Jeremy’s influences range from midcentury design to BMX, motocross, and surfing — influences readily present in this tracker/supermoto build. In a world increasingly dominated by generic cafe racer builds, the Death Crusher is bold, distinctive, and reflects the builder’s own inspirations and obsessions. It’s the type of striking departure we love to feature, and it looks fun as hell to ride.

Below, Jeremy Hutch gives us the full story on the build.

Hutchbilt NX650 Death Crusher:  In the Builder’s Words


(Words by Jeremy Hutch.  Highlights by us.)

I am an industrial designer by trade but my appreciation and love for motorcycles goes deep into my youth and has been part of my life ever since I could think. My inspirations come from many influences from 70’s & mid century design, Motocross, BMX and surfing to name a few. I appreciate design in any aspect whether it be furniture, architecture, motor vehicles even landscapes. The fact that thought, engineering and creativity have gone into improving existing forms and functions pushes me to do the same in the motorcycles I like to create.

Honda NX650 Street Tracker

I built this bike out of my long time friend Alex Stoos’s workshop in Cape Town:  Stoos Customs. The bike now resides at Yoshi’s shop in Inglewood:  Garage Company.  My next build is a BMW R80, “Skyway.”

I also have a Supermoto conversion option for it as well. This handles much better at high speeds and cornering. I always knew this, I just wanted to give it a full aggressive look for the Handbuilt Show 2016.


Photography by Dave Eaton (@digicock).

My Team: Alex Stoos; Paul Symons; Junior; Martin Petsol; Tim Bosson; Ian Ketterer; English Nick; Reynard Schonken; Dutch Eric; Mark Ridley; Honda Tim; Malcolm Tangeant; Dave Eaton and Ivan ‘Suparushan’ Entchevitch.

Build Sheet: Honda NX650 “Death Crusher”


  • 2000 Honda NX 650 Dominator base and chassis – Original
  • Stripped everything down to only the engine and front section of the frame
  • Modified frame to fit single side swingarm from a Triumph ST1050
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • Custom billet linkage
  • Custom subframe and mountings
  • Custom billet triple trees
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • CRF 250 Front end – lowered
  • Braking front disc rotor
  • Brembo brakes
  • Custom Excel rim with billet Talon hub and spokes
  • Custom modified dual FMF F4 exhaust
  • Frame mod to house battery and electronics under tank
  • Ceramic coated engine
  • Custom output shaft and stepped down front sprocket
  • Billet carrier bearing mount for front sprocket
  • Custom Flow billet footpegs
  • Hammerhead rear brake lever
  • MSR gear shifter
  • Domino throttle body
  • Custom Brembo rear brake and master cylinder
  • Custom Brembo rear caliper mount
  • Custom aluminum gas tank by Welding Services
  • Custom filler cap
  • Motogadget M switch push button controls
  • Motogadget M unit module
  • Motogadget motoscope mini speedo
  • Motogadget M Blaze pins turn signals
  • Motogadget RFID ignition lock
  • Antigravity battery
  • Custom rear LED tail light and turn signals
  • Haro BMX inspired front light mount with integrated LED lights
  • Hand stitched genuine leather seat
  • ASV levers
  • ODI grips and throttle body
  • UNI airfilter
  • Custom paint

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  1. A real pure appearence with fine technical parts. I like it very much !
    It is progressive but solide technical that works. I own a Honda Dominator original but would like to get stripped her. Reduce to the max.

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