Ducati 860 GT Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo

Ducati 860 GT Cafe Racer

The Ducati 860 GT was built in 1974 and 1975, a highly stylized Italian standard with a 60-horsepower v-twin heart and 109-mph top speed.  The highly angular design of the fuel tank and engine covers was the work of car stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro, whose work has included such iconic designs as the Lotus Esprit, BMW M1, and VW Golf MkI.  He was named the Car Designer of the Century in 1999.


If there is a man to update such a machine, it is Pepo Rosell.  His earlier shop, Radical Ducati, made him the world’s most well-known builder of Ducati customs. He shut the doors on Radical a couple years ago and took a year-long sabbatical, only to return with a vengeance under a new name, XTR Pepo. This time, he has a different vision:

“Enjoy life, less business and more fun!”

By the looks of this 860 GT cafe racer, nicknamed Flying Podenco, we would say:  “Mission Accomplished!”

Flying Podenco:  Ducati 860 GT Cafe Racer


A podenco is a breed of hound believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt and been introduced to the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians.  With their tall, pointed ears and angular, jackal-like features, they resemble the Egyptian god Anubis, and they are known for their highly developed sense of vision, smell, and hearing.


It’s easy to see how those characteristics inspired this lean but powerful build. Like all XTR Pepo builds, performance was paramount. Pepo ditched the stock forks in favor of a pair from a Daytona 955, with the modified yokes and ergal 7075 clipons wrapped in a custom XTR endurance fairing and windshield.


The bike now enjoys a fiberglass fuel tank from a Ducati Imola, and the solo tail is a modified Yamaha TZ unit, sporting a neoprene seat built in-house and LED lights. Paint is by Pintumoto of Madrid. Wheels are Akront 18-inchers — spoked, of course — and XTR lightened the rear drum brake.


Of course, Pepo never leaves an engine untouched. The bike now sports a modified Ducati Darmah 900 engine, complete with high-comp pistons, lightened crankshaft, and serious valve work. The bike is kickstart-only, which we love, and breathes through Dell’Orto PHM 40 carburetors and aluminum race air filters. All that exhaust is routed through a SuperMario two-in-one with megaphone muffler.


This is one Flying Hound we would kill to ride!

Full Build Specs


  • Donor bike : Ducati 860 GT 1974
  • Triumph Daytona 955 forks
  • Triumph Sprint modified yokes
  • XTR fiber glass front mudguard
  • OEM Brembo front rotors
  • Beringuer CNC machined front brake calipers with XTR hand made Dural holder
  • Frentubo brake lines
  • Beringuer CNC machined front brake pump
  • Ducati 860 modified frame
  • XTR front bracket
  • Veglia race “White face” rev counter
  • XTR endurance front fairing and windshield
  • H7 front light and XTR hand made bracket
  • Ducati Imola glass fiber fuel tank
  • Yamaha TZ modified fiber glass solo seat.
  • XTR Neopreno high density seat
  • XTR Led rear lights
  • Rolling rear shocks
  • XTR allumium race footrests
  • Ergal XTR clip ons
  • Domino quick open gas throttle
  • Modified Ducati Darmah 900 engine : Desmo, worked intakes and exhaust ducts . high compression pistons, crankshaft lightened and balanced.
  • Kick start
  • Dell’Orto PHM 40 carburators
  • Aluminum race air filters
  • SuperMario two in one exhaust system with megaphone
  • XTR lightened and vented rear drum brake
  • Akront 18-inch aluminum rims
  • Continental Endurance Conti Attack tyres
  • Tsubaki gold chain
  • XTR ergal CNC-machined and lightened rear chain sprocket
  • Painting: Pintumoto
  • Pictures: Cesar Godoy.

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