Yamaha XJ400 Scrambler by Entrophy Motorbike

Yamaha XJ400 Scrambler

Entrophy Motorbike is a small garage founded in Perugia, central Italy. The guys who work there are pro riders in Enduro and they started this ‘hobby’ just for fun — but now it has become a real passion. In 2015 they bought a Yamaha XJ400 to play around with, but a couple of months later a customer appeared at the garage, asking for a special custom bike.

Yamaha XJ400 Scrambler

There was only one condition given to the Entrophy guys:  the brand of the bike had to be Yamaha! So they took out the old Yamaha XJ400 engine, and after a lot of time planning and studying, they decided to overhaul not only the chassis but the very soul of the bike. They began by changing the wheels, they swapped the front for one from a Guzzi v35, and the rear for one from an old Suzuki DR600.


Next they took radical steps to completely change the front of the bike; they placed Honda CBR forks with Enduro handlebars and radial brakes.


The fuel tank was completely handmade with a unique and specially crafted cap. After that it was time to change the rear end of the bike. The guys took out the double suspension and began work on a mono shock absorber. The mono was taken from an old Yamaha shock!


The seat is completely handmade and specially designed for the rider with cleverly moulded features. The colour of the bike is also a customer request. To finish off this unique project, Entrophy Motorbike opted for a Metzeler Karoo offroad tyre, this makes the bike handle well, but keeps a really strong and aggressive edge to the overall feel.

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