Honda CB750F2 Cafe Racer by 14Cycles

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

We see a lot of Honda CB750 builds, but few stand out like this silvery mesh of past and present. It hardly even looks like a CB750 any longer, but more like the dream machine of some parallel universe.  The bike is a collaboration between Mujjo and 14Cycles–both of The Netherlands. That is a Dutch-built machine comes as no surprise, given the minimalist purity of the design. Below, we interview Remy Nagelmaeker of Mujjo for the full story on the build.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your company.


This bike has been built as a collaboration between me (Remy Nagelmaeker, Co-Founder/ Designer of Mujjo) and Eelco (Founder and owner of 14Cycles). I did the design and part-sourcing, Eelco did the build/craftsmanship.


My personal history with motorcycles is very short, to say the least. Since this is my first bike, I really didn’t know what I got into. As you can imagine, I learned a lot in a short time, however, Eelco’s expertise and craftsmanship made up for it big time. 14Cycles’s build queue is currently open and Eelco is taking orders, so Dutchies out there be advised!

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?


Design-wise the vision was very much in-line with the work we do at Mujjo. The design is very clean and simple. There’s not much on this bike that you could leave out. It wasn’t supposed to look like a modified CB750, but instead, like a bike of its own. And I think it really does.


The purposely open subframe and sleek upholstery balance the large block. The litium ion battery has been moved out of sight (hidden below the swingarm). The Zephyr tank is relatively wide, which work very well with the big block. The upholstery is simple and sleek emphasizing the stance of the bike.


Focus has been on quality which is why this bike is build with virtually no aftermarket parts (apart from the speedo, rear-mirror, and exhaust). The decision to use donor parts over off the shelf aftermarket parts was made for better build quality and achieving the solid look we were after.


Parts come from a wide variety of donor bikes ranging from a Yamaha YZF R1 for the monoshock and rearsets, Suzuki GSX-R1100 for the USD fork and hand controls, BMW F800GS for the rearwheel, BMW R1100GS for the front wheel, Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 for the tank to a Honda Goldwing for the front sprocket just to name a few.


Lots and lots of effort has gone into making all the donor parts work together seamlessly. It’s really well thought-through or in some cases we’ve had to re-build something a couple of times until we got it right.


The color is Donington Grey, one that BMW developed for X5M (and X6M). It’s a deep grey that contains lots of flake to make it more reflective which beautifully highlights the curves on the tank.


Full Specs List

  • DONOR​: 1982 CB750 F2
  • FRONT END​: ​Suziki GSX-R​ with conversion, modified upper clamp & ​BMW K1200R steering damper.
  • CLIP ONS:​ ​Suzuki GSX-R mounted invertedly for a more upright riding position.
  • LEVERS: ​Aluminum​ Clutch and Brake levers.
  • CONTROLS: ​Motogadget M-switch 3 button controls ignition and turn-signals.
  • FRONT WHEEL​:​ BMW R1100GS, (.. and rim painted black)
  • FRONT BRAKES​: ​Suziki GSX-R​ paired with BMG R110GS discs & stainless brake lines
  • SWING ARM​: Modified to accommodate mono-shock setup.
  • AIR FILTER: ​Custom 1 into 4 housing and filter with chrome finish
  • OIL COOLER AIR INTAKE: ​Custom housing and mounts
  • REAR SHOCK​: ​Yamaha R1 mono shock
  • REAR WHEEL​: ​F800GS with modified sprocket hub to fit the swingarm and matching front sprocket from a Honda Goldwing.
  • REARSETS: ​Modified YZF R1 rear-sets w​ ith custom mounts.
  • TIRES​: ​Michelin PILOT ROAD 2 (front) and Avon COBRA AV7 (back)
  • TANK​: ​Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 tank , fitted with monza style tank cap.
  • EXHAUST​: ​Vance & Hines 4 into 1 downpipes matched to a stainless 12″ Shorty Cone Muffler from Dime City Cycles, fitted with a DB killer
  • GAUGE​: ​Daytona velona 60mm in custom bracket with chrome finish
  • SEAT​: Custom. Upholstered by Roy Baird, RVA
  • BATTERY​: ​Lithium-ion battery hidden under the swingarm in custom..
  • CHAIN​: ​PowerLink 525 X-ring chain with modified front-sprocket to match.
  • PAINT:​ BMW XM Donington Grey (incl. a high amount of flake to accentuate curves).
  • REAR LIGHT: ​Integrated Flexible Turn and Brake LED Tail Light – 8.2″
  • MIRRORS: ​CNC’ed aluminum (with matching bar-end weight on opposite side).
  • GRIPS:​ Biltwell 22mm kung fu

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