BMW R100R Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo

BMW R100R Cafe Racer

Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo has turned another stunner. This time it’s a 1992 BMW R100R endurance racer. The bike is nicknamed “Don Luis.” Says Pepo:

About the name of the bike, this is the history:

The owner of the bike wanted to make a tribute to his father, who recently deceased, so has named the bike Luis after his father…Don Luis.


Pepo himself chose an early 90s BMW R100R as the donor bike. He says:

It’s the more modern of the old boxers, has a Gs 80 frame type and cardan, but has 17 inch wheels in the rear and is a 1000 engine with oil cooler.


We asked Pepo about his inspiration for the bike, which obviously recalls the endurance racers of yore. According to Pepo, the bike doesn’t just “seem” an endurance bike — it is one!

Yes, is an Endurance bike with a 24 liters fuel tank, twin lights, quick battery release. The bike is high performance in brakes, wheels, lightness (weight only 165 kg), and engine performance. This bike is not only a nice bike that sems an endurance bike…is a real endurance bike!!


He goes on to discuss the bodywork and paint.

The bodywork design is my own an essence of an endurance bike. Only the colour is a little tribute to Ritmo Sereno (one of the best Japanese constructors). The owner wanted a blue bike with the Audi RS2 blue colour, so I proposed to him this nice painting inspired by Ritmo Sereno.

BMW R100R Endurance Racer:  Full Specs



“Don Luis” by XTR (2016)
Donor bike: 1992 BMW R100R (Roadster)

  • Modified original frame with reinforced tubes. New subframe.
  • Ducati Sport Classic fork and yokes
  • Ducati Sport Classic front wheel
  • Discacciati front brake rotors
  • Discacciati CNC machined front brake calipers
  • Discacciati radial front brake pump.
  • Frentubo Kevlar brake lines.
  • XTR front carbon fiber mudguard
  • XTR front fairing with twin lights.
  • XTR custom made front bracket.
  • Modified Moto Guzzi fuel tank.
  • Modified Yamaha TZ solo seat.
  • XTR licence plate support.
  • Montesa rear light
  • Vicma led blinkers
  • Tomaselli clip ons
  • Suzuki GSXR 600 clutch with foldable and regulable lever.
  • Modified Derbi GPR 50 footlevers support.
  • Tarrozi foot levers.
  • Yamaha TRX side stand.
  • Ohlins rear shock.


  • LIPO battery.
  • Silent Hetkit electronic front crankshaft ignition with 16 mappings.
  • Electronic regulator.
  • Twin coils and twin spark heads.
  • Motogadget dashboard.
  • Leonelli lights commando.
  • Domino start commando.

Tuned Engine:

  • Crankase cuted reduced to minimum
  • Upper positioned on frame for more ground clearance, lightened ,blueprinted, adjusted.
  • Head cylinders worked and gasflowed heads.
  • Racing Camshaft.
  • High Compression and light pistons.
  • Oil pan intermediate crankcase, external oil filter.
  • Ducati Paso oil radiator with external hoses.
  • Supermario 2 in 1 exhaust system.
  • IL TROMBONE megaphone, XTR design made by SPARK.
  • Keihin FCR 40 carburators
  • DNA air filters
  • Tomaselli quick open gas throttle.
  • Bodywork Painting : ARTENRUTA
  • Frame painting: PINTUMOTO
  • Pictures: CESAR GODOY

BMW-R100R-Cafe-Racer-1 BMW-R100R-Cafe-Racer-2 BMW-R100R-Cafe-Racer-5 BMW-R100R-Cafe-Racer-6 BMW-R100R-Cafe-Racer-3 BMW-R100R-Cafe-Racer-7

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  1. Very nice looking build. License bracket is a bit strange, but overall, very cool.

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