BMW K1100 Cafe Racer by De Angelis Elaborazioni

BMW K1100 Cafe Racer

Today we are thrilled to present this incredible BMW K1100LT cafe racer built by Giorgio De Angelis, a computer programmer living in Rome. He says he builds bikes “for pure hobby” — which warms our piston-driven hearts. He calls his shop De Angelis Elaborazioni.


The K1100 has been ridden by the winners of more Iron Butt rallies than any other bike in existence, and Dave Swisher, the “Million Mile Man” (actually 1.7 million miles and counting), reportedly sells each K1100LT he owns after it hits 350,000 miles. But you don’t often see these bikes turned into cafe racers.  But once you begin stripping off the fairings and touring accouterments, as Giorgio has done, you find yourself with a muscle bike packing nearly 100 rwhp and 80 ft-lbs of torque.

K1100LT Cafe Racer

Giorgio has nicknamed the bike “LaDini,” as he has a friend with the surname Dini who has a beautiful cafe racer and has always challenged Giorgio to “moto beauty contests.”  Below, Giorgio gives us the full story on this beautiful build.

BMW K1100LT Cafe Racer:  In the Builder’s Words


(Words by Giorgio De Angelis.  Highlights by us.)

I am a fan of cycling since I was a child and I was lucky enough to have many scooters and motorcycles of various kinds. I participated in official races and regional scooters, enduro and cross.  Hand in hand with my age, I also increased the displacement of my bike until I was riding in Japanese Superbike at regional races.


Maturing — we avoid the term aging that does not belong to the spirit of us bikers — I realized that I most liked driving vintage motorbikes instead of running around the track.


I’m interested in my free time and for pure hobby to customize old motorbikes, activities that nurture my passion for the world of motorsport. I like to modify old BMWs — but not them only — as I think they are fantastic motorcycle despite their years. They are reliable bikes and once edited they can best express their beauty.


The secret is making them unique and stripped of everything that is related to touring.  This includes specialized and modified superstructure accessories, often built directly from me, so as to appear as real unique and special motorcycle.


My philosophy: It takes a lot of imagination and passion to make your own unique bike and special.

(Photos by artist and photographer Giovanni De Angelis:

BMW K1100 Build Specs


– Front axle 50mm upside-down
– Robby Moto
– Steering damper
– Pliers radial front brake
– Rear brake caliper Brembo racing
– Brake hoses aeronautical
– Platforms backward cars
– Mono Ohlins rear shock with preload
– Full terminal SeSFactory
– Pigtail rear and front fender SeSFactory
– Custom aluminum radiator RcRadiators
– Front Tires. and post. to personalized rays
– Rimapattura unit with Eprom Racing
– Pigtail aluminum rear car
– Personalized Saddle By LCRaging
– Synthesized Electrical system
– Electronic speed
– Components personalized aesthetic
– LED Lighting and exeno
– Tires Race
– Colouring Series BMW Motorrad M

All components were bought from the online shop:

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K1100 Cafe Racer









  1. Best bike you’ve featured so far!! Love this and always wanted to build one. Great job. Doesn’t copy all the current silly fads, which is what I like most about it!

  2. This is Bike Bound. This is the kind of transformations we want you to teach us.
    You have to stop publishing workshops that make amateur bikes.

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