“BSW B40” Cafe Racer by Nexxtoy

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

Unconventional wedding with a British girl…

Thierry Coulon (“Terry”) of Bourdeaux’s Nexxtoy is a graphic designer and handyman who has been pursuing his motorbike passion for more than forty years — a passion that came down through the family lineage from his grandfather Charlie, pictured here on 350 Terrot.

Terry has owned more than sixty bikes over the years — most of them motocross, enduro, or trials bikes. More recently, he started building motorcycle specials (customs) out of his small garage, naming his workshop Nexxtoy — no sexual connotation intended, he says!

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

Terry has always had a love for British bikes, but he didn’t have the means to buy an old BSA or similar. So, instead, he decided to build a British-inspired cafe racer out of a 1981 BMW R65. Like many of the most interesting customs, there was a signature element at the heart of the build. For Terry, it was a BSA B40 tank, which determined the design of the project and inspired the name of the bike:  “BSW B40.”

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

Terry is sure to thank his family for supporting his builds, and they help in concrete ways as well. For instance, his daughter Lou Ann drew the crown and beer glass on the front fender — “in order for the marriage to be successful,” says Terry. There’s also the nod to the hybrid nature of the bike on the Norton Manx front fairing:  “Unconventional wedding with a British girl.”

Below, we get the full story from Terry himself.

BMW R65 Cafe Racer:  In the Builder’s Words

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

I live in Bordeaux, France. I am a handyman who works in his small garage in order to satisfy his passion for the bike.

Big fan of British motorcycles, but unfortunately did not have the means to offer one — I decided to do it with a BMW R65 from 1981!

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

It is a BSA B40 tank which determined the project. First I cut the frame because the tank tunnel is much narrower than the original. Creating a new loop back.

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

The attachment of the left shock absorber was repositioned so as to be symmetric with the other side. Indeed, origin, the damper is displaced outwardly. Seat holder with battery and integrated LEDs in the saddle distressed leather.

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

I wanted to give racing hand in this project. This is why the escape was not bent but welded into small slices.

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

To the side “British”, Roadriders Avon tires, side stand with a sand wedge, Norton Manx reworked fork fairing.

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer
Sand wedge kickstand!

In order for the marriage to be successful, my daughter Lou Ann drew the crown and the beer glass on the front fender.

Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer

Three months were necessary for this project with the help of Florent, Laurent and Didier.

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  1. Many thanks Taylor.
    The history of this bike is really well transcribed, much better than the few words I sent!
    King regards,

  2. Realy cool bike.

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