Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker by Italian Dream Motorcycle

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

Sergio Giordano, founder of Italian Dream Motorcycle crews a team of professional racing mechanics uniquely qualified to build high-performance custom motorcycles.

“Thanks to…years of experience in the world of superbikes and MotoGP, ours are not only beautiful bikes to be seen, but also real jewels of mechanics, for construction and performance.”

Suzuki DR600 Tracker

Sergio wanted to build his workshop’s vision of the quintessential street tracker, based on the venerable DR600. From working in racing — particularly World Superbike — Sergio knew the importance of a bike’s geometry. For this, he turned to the partner of Graziano Rossi — father of the great Valentino Rossi. Graziano has always advocated flat track as a training tool for his son and other riders. Says Cycle World:

“The Doctor’s father…believes it’s the best practice for bike and body positioning, and a safer way to brush up on the functional/physical discipline of right-wrist traction-control.”

Around 2012, Graziano got hold of a Zaeta for his son — a YZ450F-powered flat tracker with a J&M custom frame. Sergio was able to get Vale’s tracker’s mechanical dimensions and geometry, building the Dream’s Tracker 600 to the same specs.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

The Dream’s Tracker 600 won the Sideburn award at a recent motorcycle expo, as well as the elegance award from the magazine Motociclismo. The bike is even for sale on The Arsenale.

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Below, we get the full story on this stunning Suzuki DR street tracker!

Suzuki DR600 Tracker: Builder Interview

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

It has been written that I am obsessed with creating gorgeous motorcycles that perform brilliantly. It’s true. To make sure we have perfect vehicles, we use the collaboration of mechanics who work in the Superbike World Championship and in MotoGP. My collaboration with a World Superbike team helps me in this.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

The Bike is a Suzuki DR 600 of 1985.

Why was this bike built?

The dream’s tracker is our vision of the flat track motorcycle. Like our style, we want build a special bike not a show bike. At the same time, we wanted to make a motorcycle that was fashionable, and the fashion of the moment is the flat track — the dream’s tracker is made in a single model.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

We wanted to make a bike with a simple classic line, but that had the size of a flat track bike. While the bike was under construction, the partner of Graziano Rossi [Valentino Rossi’s father] gave us the mechanical dimensions of the Zaeta flat-tracker — mechanical dimensions that our motorcycle fully respects.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

Everything is completed with two race-approved 21″ Maxxis wheels. But obviously the bike equipped with LED lights is approved to go on the street and can be used every day.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

What custom work was done to the bike?

All of the bodywork is built out of aluminium. It features a CNC machined steering plate and is powered by a chain drive transmission.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

The single cylinder 595 engine cranks out 45 horsepower, more than enough to navigate all sorts of terrains. Maintaining its heritage, the bike is started via a kick-starter.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

The old dashboard is replaced with a brand new OLED one. On the handlebars you can find the new Domino controls and levers that control the Brembo brakes.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

The brake pump is also made by Brembo. Both front and rear lights are replaced with new LED ones.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

IDM replaced the front forks with new ones from a Yamaha R1 and a back suspension from Yamaha R6. The seat is built out of fiber for added durability.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

How would you classify this bike?

Flat Track Motorcycle

Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

The bike has just celebrated its first year of age. At the motorbike expo, it won the Sideburn magazine award, as well as the elegance award from the magazine Motociclismo.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

immediately after the exhibition we made a video with our cross rider Toto Angelone that AGV Helmets shared on their social channels, and Dainese wanted the bike on display at their shop in Rome.

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

As quoted by Norihiko Harada, vice president of Zagato design…

“I like this motorcycle because it has a certain coherence of its kind. I like the proportions given by the size of the wheels that make it seem short-lived and the mechanical cleaning under the tank. It gives me the perception of going out on a Sunday and feeling a sense of freedom”

Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

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  1. best tracker I have seen so far on this site….awesome…well done….i’m building one from an XT550

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