Monoshock Honda CB750 F2 by L’établi Garage

Honda Nighthawk Monoshock Cafe Racer

“Cut like a wasp…”

Quentin Lambert, the 22 year-old founder of France’s L’établi Garage, is quickly making a name for himself in the customs world. Last year, we featured his Honda XLV750R Street Tracker — one of our 10 Best Custom Motorcycles of 2017. Young Quentin, who has a degree in motorcycle mechanics, built the XLV in collaboration with a design student friend. There was so much to love about that build: the geometric lines, the rare platform, the motocross and flat track design cues, and the fact that this was the work of such a young builder.

Honda Nighthawk Monoshock

Now Quentin is back with another build, this 1992 Honda CB750 F2 “Street Sport.” The F2, aka the Honda Nighthawk, was built from 1992 to 2001 — a bulletproof, if rather boring evolution of the “original superbike.” Quentin did away with the dual suspension of the factory bike, installing a rear mono shock and custom-made 4-into-1 stainless exhaust, which boosted both performance and aesthetics. As Quentin says:

“The line of this bike is cut like a wasp!”

Below, we get the full story on this monoshock Honda CB750F2 custom build!

Honda Nighthawk Monoshock Build:  In the Builder’s Words

Honda Nighthawk Monoshock Cafe Racer

Here is our idea of ​​a STREET SPORT!

The bike is a Honda CB750 Seven Fifty of 1992, a motorcycle popular in the world of preparation [custom building]. But as usual we wanted to do something unique, never thought or created!

Honda cb750f2 Cafe Racer

We have brought out the sleeping sportiness of this machine, which is why we have reworked and manufactured a rear loop with no side suspensions, the finest possible to accommodate a whole and tailor-made central exhaust. The line of this bike is cut like a wasp!

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

We then modified the swinging arm and the front part of the frame to accommodate a mono shock.

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

The fairing in the continuity of the tank and the seat of a refined design make this Seven Fifty an aggressive and sporty motorcycle.

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

The 4 in 1 stainless exhaust required a lot of work for a perfect line and a pleasant sound.

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

We opened the engine for a check, taking care to replace all joints, and applying a black coating.

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

Sobriety and minimalist being our main words, we dressed this one of black and metallic gray.

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

Full Specs
  • Headlight 7 inches
  • Half-handlebars
  • Chaft handles
  • CNC Alu Commodo
  • Daytona speedometer
  • Michelin Pilot Power tires
  • RamAir filter
  • Mini Led turn signals
  • Taillight Highsider
  • Saddle handmade
  • Back shell handmade
  • Fairings handmade
  • 4 in 1 exhaust system and hand-made stainless steel silencer
  • Modern engine paint in black and engine rebuild
  • Rear frame modified
  • Mono-damping adaptation
  • Adjusting the fork height
  • Epoxy paint frame and rim
  • Tank, fairings and back shell metallic gray paint
  • Etc.

Honda cb750f2 monoshock

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