Honda Bol d’Or Cafe Racer by Unik Edition

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

In 2016, Portugal’s Luís Costa and Tiago Gonçalves created Unik Edition Custom Motorcycles with a focus on the art of motorcycle customization, transforming dreams into reality. Their design philosophy emphasizes the “Unikness” of each bike:

“We love the possibility of transforming an ordinary piece into something unique in a work of art, surpassing the imagination of our client.”

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

Since their inception, the crew has created six bikes, each its own unique piece of two-wheeled art. Today, we’re thrilled to feature their sixth build, “Pandora” — a Honda Bol d’Or cafe racer that began as a challenge to complete an unfinished project. They wanted to create a bike that, like a Pandora’s box, did not fully reveal at first glance, but exploded with details on further inspection.

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

Below, we get the full story on this incredible build.

“Pandora” Honda Cafe Racer: In the Builder’s Words

It all started with a challenge from a client. If we could agree to finish a motorcycle that was on an unfinished project, in a garage for four years.

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer
Unfinished for four years…

A crate full of pieces … from a fantastic motorcycle … OF COURSE YES, as long as we could make a cafe racer, single-sided swingarm, and with the tail in wood.

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

The next step, between dinners and some whiskeys, came … the Pandora. It would have to be a motorcycle that did not reveal itself soon enough, but only at close and little by little if it was revealed, just like a pandora’s box.

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer
Discussing “Pandora”

For example, if you look closely in the tank you will see that the wings of the Honda logo are now the wings of a dragon with the scales on the top. Or the motogadget m-lock or the motoscope mini exist, but you have to look closer! We believe that we have built a unique, memorable, weathered and tanned motorcycle.

Honda Boldor Cafe RacerHonda Boldor Cafe Racer

This Honda was our #6 build, and will always be special because it was our last project of the old workshop, the shed where everything started, especially for being our first cafe racer.

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

The solid pine wood tail is a piece that will turn many heads and make us very happy.

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

This one is done and in riding mode!

Build Sheet: Honda 1989 “Pandora”

Major changes:

• Sub-frame eliminated and replaced by a single structure, that supports the wood seat.
• Replace Twin shock for single shock with new cantilever system.
• Wood seat with acrylics and lights.
• Original tank completely rebuilt.
• Inverted forks front from a honda CBR 900cm3.
• 17” spoke rims with the original hubs replaced the originals.
• Complete new wider exhaust system 4 x 2, TIG welded inox.
• New racing aluminum feet commands, with brake adaptation and gear selector.
• New Showa shock absorber.
• Customized dragon wing paint job on the rims and tank with two shades of blue and white.
• Relocation of the electronics and battery in a compartment under the engine.
• Electric system replaced for centraline, button switches, manometer and turn signals, all Moto-Gadget brand.
• New fender and respective supports, license plate support, stop light and seat, custom.
• Engine polished, installation of conic filters K&N.
• New complete braking system, with double disc braking, ITR levers.
• Front headlight with integrated turn signals.


Honda Boldor Cafe Racer


Photo: @messiasphotography
Exhaust: Ivo at Tig Power
Paint: @purafuria_pinturas_custom
Tank render: @paulomartins_

Honda Boldor Cafe Racer

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