What are the Motorcycles in Mission: Impossible 2?


Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

Mission: Impossible 2 came out in 2000, starring Tom Cruise as Impossible Missions Forces (IMF) agent Ethan Hunt, who must track down a biological weapon known as “Chimera.” The film, directed by John Woo, was the highest-grossing film of the year 2000.

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

Though the plot and dialogue were subjected to criticism, the action sequences were widely lauded. The most memorable is the motorcycle chase / duel late in the film, rife with stoppies, wheelies, jumps, and dirt action.

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

There are two motorcycles involved, both Triumph models:

  • Triumph Speed Triple
  • Triumph Daytona 955i

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

While the two-wheeled physics of the action leave much to be desired, the scene certainly introduced a broader audience to the “bug-eyed” beauty of the Speed Triple. Knobby tires were installed in order to handle the dirt scenes — tires which can be seen in stills from the film, as well as photos of the actual Speed Triple stunt bike on display.

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

M:I-2 Triumph Speed Triple

This is the black naked bike ridden by Tom Cruise’s character in the film. Some sources have reported the bike as a Speed Triple 955i — however, the black wheels and cursive quarter panel script indicate the bike is an earlier version, either a T509 or the 1999 T595. The T509 Speed Triples had an 885cc, 108-hp, fuel-injected triple cylinder motor, while the T595 received a re-tuned version of the larger 955cc triple from the Daytona.

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

The dual “bug-eye” headlamps and polished frame gave the bike’s a factory streetfighter look, which would become a trademark of the series. The high-powered triples were tuned for broader torque curves, making these bikes potent hooligan machines.

Mission Impossible 2 MotorcyclesMission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

M:I-2 Triumph Daytona 955i

The Daytona was Triumph’s entry into the sport bike market. The Daytona 955i had a 130-hp triple that helped to establish the company’s reputation for high-performance, distinctive triples.

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

While the bikes could not quite match the laptimes of the Japanese-built competition, the brawny Daytona 955i was big on class and personality — and it worked better on real roads than the liter-class replica racers from Japan.

Mission Impossible 2 Motorcycles

Mission Impossible II Motorcycle Chase Scene

Here’s the full video of the chase scene in HD.




  1. The bike is a 1999 955i Speed Triple with the larger 955 engine. A T595 is a faired Daytona not a Speed Triple. The script was changed in 2000 from the earlier type and the black wheels changed in 2000 also. the frame is NOT highly polished but lacquered silver sparkle paint.
    – I only know this as I have the same cross-over year bike identical (apart from the silly tyres) to the one in the film.

  2. Bikes were great in the scene but they rely heavily on the audience not knowing the difference between a street and knob tire – it was in your face obvious. C’mon Mr Woo, it’s that sort of detail that…..eh, what do I know, the film still made half a billion box office.

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