Honda XLR200 Tracker by Free Spirit Moto X Jets Q Kustoms

Honda XLR200 Tracker

The Honda XLR200 was a genuine do-anything bike, a street-legal 200cc Honda thumper with parts scavenged from various models of the venerable XR series. Says Brian Jones of

“The XLR turned out to be a grin-maker in the forest and amongst the wind generators. It reminded me of a borrowed Serow [Yamaha XT225]. Yes, I could like this bike.”

Honda XLR200 Tracker

Enter Bjorn Pabon of Free Spirit Moto, a moto-driven clothing and custom bike brand based in Manila. Bjorn and his old friend Bok Quimpo of Jets Q Kustoms decided to build a collaborative custom tracker for Motobuilds Pilipinas 2017, a prestigious custom bike show in the Philippines. The result is this 1999 Honda XLR200 tracker, “The Postman,” so-named because the duo bought the bike from a local town postman they’ve known since high school. Says Bjorn:

“The base bike was first used by a local town postman as a daily steed for delivering mail from all over the countryside through towns and coastal mountain communities — hence the name!”

Below, we get the full story on the build!

200cc Honda Tracker: In the Builder’s Words

Honda XLR200 Tracker

I’m Bjorn Pabon of Free Spirit Moto (Philippines), a small company and moto culture brand that makes clothing and custom motorcycles. Honda XLR200 “Postman” is a debut design concept of Free Spirit Moto — a collaboration build with a friend Bok Quimpo, who has the custom shop Jets Q Kustoms of Goa Camrines Sur, a small town down south of Luzon island. I live in the next town, San Jose, Cam Sur.

Honda XLR200 Tracker

“Postman” because the base bike was used daily for work by a local town postman when we (Bok and I) were still in high school. Nearing the years of the postman’s retirement from work, he was looking for a new delivery bike which was more handy and low riding.

Honda XLR200 Tracker

We came across him on the street just in front of the shop (Jets Q Kustoms), when we randomly asked if he might want to sell the bike. We were looking for a base bike to make a custom tracker for our Free Spirit Moto x Jets Q debut build for the upcoming Motobuilds Pilipinas 2017, a prestigious custom moto show in the Philippines.

Honda XLR200 Tracker

To our surprise, the postman — “Papay Nonoy” we call him — was already thinking of selling it. Right there we made a deal and paid him a fair price which would allow him to buy a brand new alternative bike suited for his convenience at work.

Honda XLR200 Tracker

The concept was simple. The bike should be fit as a daily driver to work, zipping through the buzz and hustle of Manila traffic, while at the same time serving as a reliable steed in the outdoors, to play with off and on trail.

Honda XLR200 Tracker
Photographer: Jenna V Genio. Location: Mt Pinatubo Lahar.

Minimal / functional / classy vintage enduro with details on show quality aesthetics.

  • 18″ wheelset with black alum rims.
  • Black spokes with chrome spokes heads.
  • 4.10 trial tires — maximum traction for city and trail use.
  • Old Honda TMX tank from the 90s. (Donated from our Boy Scout teacher’s bike when we were high school — pretty much historic for me.)
  • Stock odometers.
  • Stock headlight assembly cowling (plastic), with a little twist on customizing it by cutting some portions of it and adding a headlight grill.
  • Applied vintage front panel number graphics.
  • Fiberglass custom fenders and side panels with vintage-like numbers.
  • Tank stamp with free hand Honda with Norton inspired font.
  • Stock pipe system with re used motocross muffler.

Honda XLR200 Tracker

Basically clean lines, minimalist accessories, and minute details. The bike turned out to be a neat “vintagey” enduro and won 1st place in the 200cc below class at Motobuild Pilipinas 2017. Taking home some humble prestige to our local town shop, Jets Q Kustoms, and debut design build by Free Spirit Moto.

Honda XLR200 Tracker

more Power!
Bjorn Pabon
Free Spirit Moto (founder)


I have numerous bikes (old) including REVOLT Cycles Honda XL100 Lantuag! Which is my most precious bike — a trip down memory lane. I know you already knew that story!

Honda XLR200 Tracker

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Honda XLR200 Tracker


  1. Nice simple tracker build,I would love to own one.
    Awsome bike!!!

  2. si un très pauvre homme comme qui habite en Algérie veut avoir une moto pareille ça sera combien le prix

  3. I love the tank, like a sleeper…when revved it is a wild monkey… I do some trail to enhance my novice skill in motor sports…

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