Speed Brick: BMW K75 by DVGAS Garage

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

A Bavarian Triple Sprint Racer…

The BMW K75 was the three-cylinder version of the company’s “Flying Brick,” built from 1985-1995. The bike’s straight-three was actually smoother than the engine of its big brother, the four-cylinder K100, due to an added balance shaft, and made a 75 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

Enter Daniel Vallejo of Spain’s DVGAS Garage, who swung his leg over a Honda CR80 at the age of 9 and never looked back. He was a metal worker and painter in his younger days and started building scramblers and cafe racers some six ago, mainly for himself and his friends, though he has aspirations of going full-time:

“I try to go to the events where I can to promote myself and try in the future to be able to make a living by making custom motorcycles.”

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

This summer, we were hiking up the winding road to the top of Mount Jaizkibel, site of the Punk’s Peak sprint races in the Basque country of Spain, when we spotted this Bavarian triple sitting newly-completed on a trailer, awaiting its turn to shine. We snapped a few shots, figured out the builder, and got in touch with Daniel.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

Today, we’re thrilled to feature this “Speed Brick,” built to recall the racing bikes of the 1980s, along with photos from Unai Iturbe (@surferdudegarage). Enjoy!

Builder Interview: BMW K75 Sprint Racer

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• Tell us a little about yourself, your history with motorcycles and your workshop.

I am passionate about motorcycles. My first motorcycle was a Honda CR80 from 1989 when I was only 9 years old. Since then I have always been riding in motocross, enduro, speed track etc…

When I was 18, I studied bodywork and later I worked as metal fabricator and painter. In time I had to leave but I was always doing motorcycles and cars in my spare time.


Six years ago I started making cafe racer and scrambler style motorcycles for me and my friends. I made my mark and I try to go to the events that I can to promote myself and try in the future to be able to make a living by making custom motorcycles.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• What is the brand, model and year of the bicycle?

BMW K75 1987.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• Why was this bike built?

I made this motorcycle for a lifelong friend. I told my friend, you pay for the pieces and I give you the hours I am going to work on it, but with one condition, I am free to do whatever I want. He accepted and this is what came out. We are both very happy with the result.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• What was the design concept and what influenced the construction?

I wanted to make a BMW K75 80’s race style, which I thought was really difficult since you don’t see many k75 with this style.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• What custom work was done on the bike?

All the fairing is made of metal by hand and with the help of an English wheel, hammer, and tongs.
Exhaust is GSXR-R1000 titanium adapted.
Air filter is modified.
Modified electrical installation.
Custom battery box.
Custom made license plate holder.
Chassis and almost the entire motorcycle is powder coated.
Painting and design is made by ourselves.
New brake pump.
New lights controls.
Custom fairing spider.
Double headlamp adapted with central support.
Custom made seat.
Custom made fender.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• Does the bicycle have a nickname?

Speed Brick.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• How would you classify this bike?

Vintage Racing Style.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

• Was anything done during this construction that you are particularly proud of?

The two things that I am most proud of is the fairing, made by hand in metal, and the painting of this motorcycle, which was not easy to do with the resources we have.

BMW K75 Sprint Racer

Follow the Builder / Photographer

Web: www.dvgasgarage.com
IG: @dvgasgarage
FB: @dvgasgarage

The photographer is Unai Iturbe (@surferdudegarage)


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