Ace Corner Champion: Honda “IFR750F2”


From Crusher to All Class Champion…

In the late 1980s, the Honda VFR750R — aka the RC30 — made a thunderous appearance on the world stage, winning the first two World Superbike Championships with none other than Flyin’ Fred Merkel at the helm, as well as racking up victories in the Isle of Man TT, Macau Gran Prix, AMA Superbike, and more. Said Peter Jackson in a 30th anniversary retrospective for Robb Report:

“The RC30 was the superbike every other of its era was measured against.”

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

The street-legal VFR750R was a homologation special, with only 3000 ever sold in the US. The 90-degree V4 boasted 118 hp at 11,000 rpm, as well as titanium connecting rods, gear-driven cams, 360-degree “big bang” crank configuration, and slipper clutch.

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

It was a true racebike for the street. In 2018, an RC30 sold for $92,000, and others have been known to go for $40-60K.

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

Enter Justin Blue, whose supercharged Honda CB836 we featured last year. Justin started building bikes in college after he gave up motocross racing. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he became a welder/fabricator and currently works for American Honda in Alabama:

“I have multiple bikes but a Honda fan at heart. I currently build bikes in my spare time for myself at a friend of mine’s shop.”

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

Last year, his supercharged CB took home the trophy for “All Class Champion” at the Ace Corner Championship, hosted by Ace Corner Orlando and our friend Kevin Dunworth during the annual Barber Vintage Festival — the biggest vintage and custom festival in the country, consisting of races, shows, auctions, and tons of moto-camaraderie.

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

Last weekend was Barber Vintage Festival 2019, and Justin’s latest build — the RC30-inspired restomod you see here — made its first official view, taking the title as All Class Champion at the 2019 Ace Corner Championship, as well as Best Cafe Racer at the VJMC (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle) show. Two years in a row — congrats and well-deserved, man!

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

This RC30-inspired restomod / frankenstein started as a $100 1978 CB750F2 that Justin saved from the crusher, retrofitting the machine with loads of Honda superbike parts from the 80s and 90s — keeping the bike true to its Honda roots — as well as a built 836cc engine and one-off RC30 style paint scheme.

“I call this bike the IFR750F2 (In-line Four Racing).”

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

Below, we get more details on the build from Justin himself.

Honda CB750F2 Restomod: In the Builder’s Words

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

This is my 1978 CB750F2 — it was a real super sport model. I bought this bike from Willie’s Cycles for $100 before they sent it to the crusher.

Before the build…

I’ve spent the last 1.5 years building this bike. I wanted something that stayed with the Honda roots. Being a fan of the Honda sportbikes in the late 80’s / early 90’s I went with the RC30 theme. I tried to stay true to the design but altered a bit.

Honda CB750F2 Restomod

The bike is a restomod custom build with the following features: ’97 VFR750 shortened swingarm, custom tail section and sub-frame, VFR800 wheels, gsxr forks, custom fairing, 900RR gauges, NC30 headlights, hand-bent exhaust, modified Hurricane Yoshimura slip on pipe, 836 built motor, and one-off RC30 style paint scheme. I call this bike the IFR750F2 (In-line Four Racing). I’ve done all the work except power-coating, upholstery, and paint.

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