Moto Gear Review: Age of Glory Desert Pants

Age of Glory desert Pant

Hailing from France, Age of Glory is a motorcycle brand that offers vintage-style garments and accessories inspired by the golden age of motorcycling, particularly the racing scene of 1970s California. Those mythical motorcycle races and riders, perhaps even more than the cafe racing days of 1950s London, fuel the custom craze of today:

“Who has not ever dreamt in front of the movie On Any Sunday by Bruce Brown to get on a Triumph or Husqvarna desert sled, beside Malcolm Smith or Steve McQueen? Or to compete with Mert Lawwill on the Sacramento mile? To ride through these dry immensities, fueled by the only spirit of escape and adventure?”

Age of Glory desert Pant

Previously, we showcased Age of Glory’s Kawasaki W650 desert sled, built in collaboration with France’s Egerie Moto — quite possibly our favorite W of all time — and featured their short film, Escape the City Limit.

Recently, they released a new product that immediately grabbed our interest:  the Age of Glory Desert Pant.

“Inspired by the vintage racing leather pants of the 70’s, our Desert Pant is the pant for your everyday adventures, both urban and offroad.”

We received our pair (32″, Black) and we immediately struck by the high-quality of the materials and manufacture.  Made from 12-oz stretch twill cotton, they have Kevlar at key areas — buttocks, hips, and knees — and removable knee protectors (CE – EN1621-1). We especially love the quilted pads at the hips and lower legs, giving the pants a true vintage flair, and zippers that allow them to be worn inside or outside of our riding boots.

Unlike some of the other pants we’ve tested, these fit pretty true to size, and crucially, they’re comfortable enough for daily or casual wear — not just on the bike. They’re pretty much perfect for those Sunday excursions when we might veer off the tarmac onto the trails, but don’t want to alert the authorities by riding around town in bright-colored MX gear. The pads and protection definitely offer a sense of security and better protection in case of a hard fall in the woods. And, let’s face it, these pants are just cool as hell, in Black or Sand:

Here’s a full breakdown:

– Stretch Twill cotton12oz
– Dupont© Kevlar fabric inside the pant on the buttocks, hips and knees areas
– Quilted pads on the hips
– Nubuck pads inside the legs on the knee area
– Knee removable protectors included (CE – EN1621-1)
– Zippers at the bottom of the legs, on the back
– Light quilting on lower parts of the legs
– Comfort gussets on the top of the knees and back (below the waist) areas

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  1. Who sells those boots? They look like HiPoints, but new!

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