Slipstream Creation: 1974 Honda CL360 Scrambler

HOnda CL360 Scrambler

Slipstream Creations builds a leaner, more refined CL…

From 1974-76, the Honda CL360 was available as the street scrambler version of the CB360. While these lightweight twins shared the same 34-hp / 356cc engine and six-speed gearbox, the CL came with high pipes, a higher rear fender, motocross-style braced handlebars, and other dirt-oriented details.

“For sheer chuckability, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bike than the 360s. They weigh in at 357 lbs (162 kg) dry and produce 35 hp at the rear wheel, reliability is about what you’d expect from a Honda and for those who want to commute everyday – the fuel economy is excellent.” —Silodrome

HOnda CL360 Scrambler

Though these bikes were only available for a short period of time, they’ve become mainstays of today’s customs scene. One of the modern masters of lightweight Honda customization is our friend James Fawcett of Missouri’s Slipstream Creations, who has an uncanny knack for preserving the vintage charm and nostalgic of these machines while updating them for the contemporary rider.

HOnda CL360 Scrambler

This ’74 CL360 is no exception. Says James of the process:

“When working on this build we tried to enhance the bike’s classic look instead of just replacing it — a sentiment we carry through many of our projects. We aimed to sculpt the original Honda design down to a leaner, more refined version of itself, and we think we hit the nail on the head with this one.”

HOnda CL360 Scrambler

We absolutely agree. James lays out the entire build below, but highlights include the graceful new saddle/subframe combination, disc-brake CB360 fork, beefier rear suspension, custom tank graphics, two-tone engine, in-house wiring harness, LED lightning, and more!

Honda CL360 Scrambler Restomod: In the Builder’s Words…

Honda CL360 Scrambler

Small displacement Honda twins have become something of a specialty here at Slipstream Creations — and we love building them! With several successful CB360 and CL350 builds under our belts, we were excited to get our hands on a Honda CL360 scrambler.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

We took advantage of the notably shorter tank Honda used on the CL360, and paired it with a long, slightly upswept saddle and subframe to create a more prominent and cohesive foundation line.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

The original tank was sealed and outfitted with graphics that combine elements from both the stock CL360 and the very popular CB360. The vibe will feel familiar to any fan of older Honda twins, but still offering a new, custom take on the iconic tank.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

A two-tone engine sets this 1974 CL360 apart from previous Slipstream builds. Black epoxy finish on the cylinders is paired with bright silver engine case and various covers. The engine was sealed up with fresh gaskets and a set of stainless steel, socket cap hardware.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

This CL’s fork was swapped for a CB360 unit equipped with front disc brake, and the original rear shocks were replaced with a beefier aftermarket set. The new disc brake was matched with a woven stainless steel brake line, new master cylinder, and rebuilt caliper. New black aluminum rims and freshly powder coated hubs were laced with new spokes and topped with oversized IRC Trail Winner dual sport tires.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

The bike’s original CL360 high pipes were Cerakoted black, wrapped and finished with new shorty chrome mufflers. The original rust-pitted heat shield was reworked and powder-coated with a durable multistage chrome-like finish that could fool most.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

A new wire harness was built in-house and paired with a single unit regulator/rectifier and a compact lithium ion battery that fits snugly in the custom fabricated battery box. The bike was fitted with new Dynatek ignition coils and electronic ignition from Charlie’s Place. Low profile, LED bullet-style signals and brake light top off the electronics to create a style reminiscent of stock Hondas without all the bulk.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

Low-rise handlebars house new, original style controls and a small analog speedometer/tachometer set to match. A custom fabricated headlight mount ties directly into the upper and lower triple tree, holding the bucket snugly under a handmade gauge mount and cable shield.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

This 1974 CL360 Scrambler style restomod incorporates a number of design elements that nod to the Honda’s original glory as well as some firsts for Slipstream. When working on this build we tried to enhance the bike’s classic look instead of just replacing it — a sentiment we carry through many of our projects. We aimed to sculpt the original Honda design down to a leaner, more refined version of itself, and we think we hit the nail on the head with this one.

Honda CL360 Scrambler

All of the work to complete this bike was performed in-house — custom metal fabrication, paint and graphics, powder coat, electronics, and upholstery. We’re really happy with how this bike turned out and we’re excited to see it on the road!

Honda CL360 Scrambler

Build Sheet

  • Original tank and badges restored and painted with custom Honda graphics
  • Custom subframe
  • Custom painted two-tone engine with powder coated covers
  • Custom fabricated battery tray mounted under seat
  • Custom seat pan and seat upholstery
  • Full CB360 front fork and disc brake
  • Cerakoted original scrambler exhaust headers with chrome mufflers
  • Custom fabricated headlight mount
  • Custom front and rear fenders
  • Aluminum oversized rims laced to original powder coated hubs
  • Oversized dual sport tires
  • All of the little, big details

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  1. Harvey Harrigan

    …I understand that the hip trend is to relocate the battery, electronics etc under the seat and replace the air box with cones…but it makes the bike look empty, weak and incomplete. (Skinny without muscles…) please find some builds that do not castrate the look of the original bike.

  2. Bellissima veramente nient’altro da dire!

  3. This bike my faivrate please prices

  4. Mike Leslie

    Nice job. You brought out the beautiful natural lines

  5. Thomas Vath

    where can you buy this retro Honda??????

  6. Thomas Vath

    where can you buy this retro Honda Scrambler & price with shipping????


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