Build in Progress II: Yamaha RD350 Springer

Yamaha RD350 Custom

Back in October, we published an update of an RD350 build-in-progress from one of our favorite builders, Wilco Lindner (@builtbywilcolindner) of the Netherlands — a young two-stroke aficionado whose Yamaha RD125 street tracker and dyno-tuned two-stroke mini tracker we’ve previously featured — two of our most popular two-stroke smokers ever.

Yamaha RD350 Custom

Wilco has recently moved into a new workshop and undertaken the challenge of improving his fabrication skills, building an entire frame and springer forks from scratch for his next custom, a Yamaha RD350. As we’ve said in the past:

“Some builders would be content to sit on their laurels and continue to turn out variations on a theme, never pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to grow and elevate their skillset… Wilco is not one of those builders.”

Yamaha RD350 Custom

While we rarely feature in-process builds, we’ve enjoyed watching this one slowly take shape. (Yes, we know the photos are dark, but Wilco doesn’t want to give away all the details just yet.)

Yamaha RD350 Custom

Last time, the main focus was on the fabrication of a set of one-off springer forks. Now Wilco is back with the frame itself. Enjoy!

Yamaha RD350 Progress Video / Album

Yamaha RD350 Custom


  1. Risheek Kamble

    Awsome builds and stuff.

  2. That’s awesome. Long. Low. Full power acceleration with limited risk of wheelie. Gonna be fast.

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