Silenzio, Bruna! Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

Tamarit Motorcycles creates their “craziest bike” yet… 

In the 2021 Pixar film Luca, loosely based on Italian myths and folklore, the main character, Luca, tells his friend Alberto that he’s afraid to launch their rickety homemade Vespa off a ramp into the sea.

Alberto: “I know your problem. You’ve got a Bruno in your head.”
Luca: “A Bruno?”
Alberto: “Yeah. I get one too sometimes. ‘Alberto, you can’t. Alberto, you’re going to die. Alberto, don’t put that in your mouth.’ Luca, it’s simple. Don’t listen to stupid Bruno…Shut him up. Say, ‘Silenzio, Bruno!‘”

Triumph T100 Bonneville Street Tracker

Silenzio, Bruno! becomes a mantra for the film, and it’s a fitting nickname for this Triumph T100 Bonneville street tracker from our friends at Tamarit Motorcycles, their 105th build:

“The 105 bike came to us with a clear request: “I want the craziest bike from Tamarit.” And so it was. It has been quite a challenge for us, being able to let ourselves be carried away by all the riskiest ideas that ran through our minds.”

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

The donor is an older, carb-fed T100 Bonneville — one of Tamarit’s favorite platforms — and they pulled out all the stops with a dirt track-inspired build that draws heavily from the 1970s.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

The most striking aspect of the build has to be the monocoque upper chassis — a single unit consisting of the tank, side covers, saddle, and tail section, which can be lifted via hydraulic struts to access the bike’s battery and electronics suite:

“The main purpose of the monocoque is to allow access to everything without the need to condemn the bike. On other bikes, this part is welded, making it necessary to disassemble the bike to access certain parts.”

The right side cover doubles as a heat shield for the high-mount exhaust, while a Motogadget M-unit both simplifies the bike’s wiring loom and also gives the rider a wide array of information:

“The bike has been equipped with high technology that allows you to know even the smallest details of the motorcycle: range, kilometers, fuel, consumption… In addition, it also allows you to save your routes or curves to review them later in the history and be able to repeat them again. The control unit acts as the bike’s own brain, giving you endless possibilities.”

Triumph T100 Bonneville Street Tracker

The mag wheels have been brass-plated, and the bike is now running high-spec Beringer brakes and a set of tracker-style fork guards.


The team has done a good job of incorporating LED lighting into the front number plate, keeping the silhouette of a traditional flat tracker but with street-legal lighting: an embedded LED strip and fog light slung beneath it. With such a large workshop, Tamarit is able to ensure that their bikes can pass inspection in their destination country:

“All our projects are homologated by engineers in order to pass the appropriate periodic inspections, depending on the country of origin. We have a team of engineers who know the motorcycles and are in charge of their homologation.”

Triumph T100 Bonneville Street Tracker

The metal-flake paint is another signature element of the build, recalling the hand-painted glamor of 1970s flat trackers:

“The paint of the bike 105 is the main protagonist of the transformation, for this design we have used a metal flake paint that contains sparkles inside, leaving as a result that glitter effect.

Triumph T100 Bonneville Street Tracker

A gold chain and floating license plate mount match the gold-flake paint and brass-plated wheels, while a set of blue glitter grips round out the 1970s flair.

Triumph T100 Bonneville Street Tracker

The bike is also running one of Tamarit’s “Hummer Sump Guards” to protect the bottom part of the engine and frame.

Triumph Street Tracker

All in all, this is one of the most striking Triumph street trackers we’ve ever seen, and proof that it’s sometimes better to silence the doubts in your head and dare to let your wildest visions loose. The Tamarit team is especially grateful to the owner of the bike, who gave them such creative freedom:

“We can only thank the owner of 105 Silenzio Bruna! for allowing us to create it without limitations, and for the challenge it has meant.”

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