EXO-llent: Tamarit’s Triumph Scrambler

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Tamarit Motorcycles of Spain continues to be one of the most prolific builders on the planet. Though they specialize in Triumph builds, they don’t churn out cookie-cutter customs — they’re always trying to push the envelope of the Triumph platform, challenging themselves to create machines the world hasn’t quite seen.

“We give a twist to the traditional, we innovate and create new ways to capture the style of our motorcycles. A design work that begins on a simple piece of paper, but that serves to give life to a unique motorcycle in the world.” -Tamarit Motorcycles

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

“No Remorse” is their 108th build, and it takes inspiration from the tube-chassis rockcrawlers of the 4×4 world. Tamarit says the chassis was custom-built for the project:

“The chassis has been created from scratch to fit the needs of the project, an intense process that requires many hours of work and knowledge.” -Tamarit Motorcycles

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

The most striking element of the custom chassis are the crash bars, which form an exoskeleton protecting the engine cases and exhaust in case of an accident:

“No Remorse presents, for the first time, crash bars that come out of the chassis itself and that in turn, are responsible for protecting the structure of the bike in case of any possible fall.” –Tamarit Motorcycles

We’re big fans of Baja-style dual headlights, and this Triumph scrambler is running a set of powerful dual LEDs:

“This dual headlight means the fun never stops, even when the sun goes down. New among our creations and with a final result that we liked a lot.”

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

The upper grille houses the ignition button, while a set of the company’s billet Titan triple trees holds the forks and handlebars.


The side covers were molded to fit the contours of the bike’s intakes and exhaust, keeping the bike slender between the rider’s legs, and a nickel-plated / matte-painted Zard 2-into-1 system keeps the exhaust nice and high from the ground.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

The two-seat saddle runs all the way up onto the tank, so the rider can get their weight forward in hard off-roading, and the rear light has been embedded into the tracker-style rear fender.

“A more minimalist result that cleans up the aesthetics of the bike.”


As for the colors, the gray-green color really highlights the custom chassis and crash bars against the black bodywork.


A set of Mitas dual-purpose tires rounds out the build.  All in all, this is one Triumph Bonneville Scramblers unlike we’ve ever seen, ready to tear up some dirt roads and light trails!

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

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