ROEG Rider: Yamaha MT-07 Street Tracker

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

Up for Auction: Yamaha 700 Street Tracker by Luuc Muis Creations… 

The Yamaha MT-07 — known as the FZ-07 from 2015-2017 in North America — is a 689cc parallel-twin naked bike that’s proved popular on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2016, Rider magazine ran a comparison test of the Kawasaki Ninja 650, Suzuki SV650, and FZ-07, with the Yamaha coming out on top with its exceptional agility and throttle response.

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

The experts at MCN were similarly impressed, saying the MT-07 proves you don’t need traction control, variable power maps, or ride-by-wire throttle control to make a fast, fun machine:

“This is a simple motorcycle. It’s an inspired machine, designed cleverly and built impeccably. It’s one of a rare breed of machine in any class that mixes lightness with an easy to manage engine, making it smooth, fun and easy to ride.”

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

Recently, we heard from our friend Luuc of Luuc Muis Creations (LMC), who decided to transform one of these middleweight twins according to his own vision:

“I built the bike as a personal project, using 3D scanning and reverse engineering to design the body and all the custom components. Eventually resulting in a cool modern Street Tracker! ROEG provided the decals and colors and used the bike in 2022 for promotion.”


Once Luuc had a complete 3D scan of the motorcycle, he used CAD to design components like the aluminium tank, stainless steel exhaust, and bodywork to work with the factory chassis and mounting points.

The tank was made from 2mm laser-cut aluminum sheet, while the exhaust was fabricated from 1mm stainless steel and capped with an aftermarket silencer.

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

The molds for the body panels were 3D-printed, giving the bike a tracker-style tail, side panels, tank, and engine covers, which make the bike look ready to line up for a heat in the American Flat Track Supertwins class.

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

The original forks were swapped for a USD set from a Ducati Multistrada DS1000, with larger discs and Brembo calipers for better braking performance.

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

Luuc says the bike was checked out during the customization, given new clutch plates, spark plugs, tires, and all the routine maintenance performed.

Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

Most of the major components were powder-coated, and the bodywork painted in Ral 9017 with decals provided by highly-regarded Dutch helmet and gear manufacturer ROEG Moto Company, who used the bike for promotion and marketing in 2022. “Peruna” is one of the company’s most popular helmet models.


Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler

Have you got a hankering for this MT-07 street tracker? Luuc is now offering the build for sale via auction. If one of our readers buys this baddie, let us know!

LMC Yamaha MT-07 Street Tracker: Auction Link

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  1. Ted Basic

    Looks wonderful! Not earth-shattering or stunning but very cohesive and fun looking.

  2. Will Skeat

    Another “street tracker” that looks like it was built by someone who has never seen, let alone raced, a real old-school flat-tracker.

    • Will these bikes are “Street Trackers” NOT flay track racing bikes! While I love what the old bikes look like (after spending many years at Ascot Park and the San Jose Mile and help a couple racers change their bikes to street bikes when they retired). Truth is a “Street Tracker” is more practical. This is about art following function to produce a ride able street bike.

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